Graphic representation of the world in blue hues, with superimposed Erasmus+ lettering in different colours and stylised swallows

The University of Insubria offers students many study and traineeship opportunities in Europe. An overview of such opportunities is available on this page, click on the different links and find out more!

Erasmus+, an acronym for European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students, is a program created in 1987 by the European Community which -among several new opportunities- gives European University students the possibility to carry out a study/traineeship period (in another country of the European Union) legally recognized by their University.

E+ Incoming students

Erasmus+ incoming candidates must be nominated by their home University with an official email to:
Afterwards they receive information as to the online application procedure and registration.

Nomination deadlines
1st semester/full AY: 15th May
2nd semester: 15th October

Application deadlines
1st semester/full AY: 15th June
2nd semester: 15th November

E+ Outgoing students

Study and traineeship periods can be alternated for a maximum of 12 months per study cycle; long single-cycle degree students may benefit from a total of 24 months.

When planning their mobilities, students must be well aware of each and any administrative/accounting obligations occurring during their stay aborad directly with the Students Affair office.

Undertaking a mobility abroad will not justify any breaches or extensions in the due dates, any failure to comply with the deadlines will lead to the relevant penalties.