IDEM Authentication

Scope: IT and communication, Studying, Work tools
Recipients: Students, Graduates, Staff
Access methods: Online
Contenuto servizio

The IDEM federation (IDEntity Management) is a joint project involving training and research institutions, both Italian and foreign, for the shared management of access to online resources.

Using the credentials of the University authentication system it is possible to access the services made available by the bodies participating in the federation without additional registrations.

list of active resources and services is available on the IDEM federation website.

The services accessible to all members of the federation are identifiable by the presence of the logo or the wording "IDEM federation".

To use them with your University credentials, select the University of Insubria as organisation. The University authentication system screen will be displayed where you can enter your credentials or

When a federation resource is accessed, the system will release the following data to the entity providing the resource:

The user's name and e-mail address
Your affiliation with the University; in this case it is indicated to the resource supplier if the user belongs to the staff (collaborators, technical-administrative or teachers) or if he is a student
A persistent identifier, which is used to recognize the user in subsequent connections to the first in order to maintain any customizations, for example the choice of language