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Scope: International experiences
Recipients: Students
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With the Erasmus+ Traineeship program students can carry out an internship (from 2 to 12 months) inside a company or institution at one of the European countries participating in the program.

Candidates are selected through a yearly public call. Before applying, students interested in participating must autonomously choose and contact the host foreign organization, also referring to lists available on the European traineeship website; within the call’s closure they must provide the International Relations Office with a confirmation (acceptance) from the host organization.

How to apply

Candidates must submit their application online within the deadline via this link.

Every year in January/February we publish a new call valid for the next A.Y.


According to AlmaLaurea, students participating in the Erasmus+ experience have 15,4% more job opportunities after one year from graduation, as the world of work is increasingly looking for such kind of students.
If you don’t want to lose an important opportunity to learn more… participate in the Insubria Erasmus+ Day that will be on January 25th 2023.



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