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3 years
Department of Science and high technology
Degree classification: Civil and environmental engineering
Presidente del Consiglio di corso: BRUNO ALBERTO DAL LAGO
Credits: 180

Course description

Ours is the only first cycle programme in Italy that provides a focus on both the workplace and the environment.

The programme of study is a balanced blend of traditional disciplines - mainly associated to environmental engineering - and more recently defined modules that focus on safety in the workplace, in chemical processes and in worksites. You will receive an interdisciplinary training that will allow you to develop the skills required to plan and manage work and services targeting occupational safety in civil and industrial environments, processes associated to water treatment plants (water supply and waste water), waste gas treatment, noise reduction, waste collection, recycling, treatment and disposal, remediation of contaminated sites, energy saving and the energy production also from alternative sources.

Workshops and placements will allow you to develop independent judgement skills, the ability to analyse complex problems associated to environmental protection and in-depth knowledge of safety rules and methodologies that inform risk assessment.

Graduates are qualified to sit the State Exam that allows access to the Junior Section of the Italian Society of Engineers.

Lessons are held in Italian.

What you need to know

This is a free access course, but students must take a preparation assessment test after enrolment.

If you are a EU National, you may stay in Italy for as long as you like: you only need a passport or ID card.
If you are a NON-EU National, you'll have to carry out some formalities.

Department of Theoretical and Applied Sciences
Via J.H. Dunant 3, 21100 Varese - Italy 
e-mail: didattica.scienze.va@uninsubria.it

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