App UnInsubria

Scope: IT and communication, Studying
Recipients: Students, Graduates
Access methods: Online
Contenuto servizio

App UnInsubria was created with the aim of allowing students enrolled in our University’s Degree Programmes to receive targeted communications related to their daily life and conveniently manage their university career.

If you are a future student, this is the application with which you can discover everything about the University of Insubria offers its students.

Service users

Future students of the University and students enrolled.

What you find

If you are an enrolled student, it will be useful for you to:

  • enroll in exams
  • fill in questionnaires for evaluation of teaching
  • consult in real time the average of the exams
  • receive notification of exam calls and other alerts on your mobile device
  • consult the status of your payments

If you are a future student, you will discover, for example:

  • educational offer
  • guidance services
  • opportunities for study abroad
  • university housing
  • campuses
How to download the app and how to log in
App Insubria download

The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play. 
To access:

  • if you are a future student, you can choose the guest profile (guest)
  • if you are a registered student, you can enter your credentials of the Student Secretariat online service.