E-learning platform

Scope: IT and communication, Studying, Work tools
Recipients: Students, Staff
Access methods: Online
Log in with : SPID, Electronic ID card
Contenuto servizio

This application, accessible through internet browsers (web-based), represents the set of integrated tools that allow the publication and use of educational material on the net. It is the main technological tool to support online teaching. Its use is simple for both teachers and students.

The platform also provides a series of collaboration tools (forums, self-assessment tests, etc.), making possible a closer interaction between teacher and student.

The current E-learning Moodle platform is the most widely used Open Source solution in the world for online education and ensures stability, ease of use and compliance with the main international standards for the exchange and reuse of teaching material between different platforms.

Who provide this service?

The platform is provided in the formula "Software as a Service" by the Cineca consortium. Support for teachers and students is provided by the University’s Information Systems Area.

Service users

The service is automatically available for teachers and students. It also allows the manage of courses aimed to the staff of the University.

How to use the platform

The platform is accessible through any modern internet browser. There is also a mobile app for the main mobile operating systems.

To access:

Spid and Cie ID writings with stylised human profile, all in blue

This service can also be accessed with the Public Digital Identity System (SPID) or Electronic Identity Card (CIE) identity.
Warning. In order to access correctly using this method, it is essential to already have a user name issued by the University.

Find out more: What is SPID? | Entra con CIE (access with CIE)

How does it work and what this service offers?

When the student is logged in the booklet courses are automatically available, thanks to an integration with the student career management systems.  When teachers log in , all the courses they have in charge are visible and can be managed for teaching.

When you can use the platform

The platform is available 24 hours per day 365 days per year. The platform support is managed by the Information Systems Area and active every day from Monday to Friday during office schedule. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

The platform is available at https://elearning.uninsubria.it/?lang=en. 

Use the "login" item on the top right of the home page and enter your university username and password.

Attention! Do not enter "@studenti.uninsubria.it" in the username.

Yes, use "Login" in the top right-hand corner of the home page.
Warning. The University does not issue these credentials.

Each student will find all the subjects present in his booklet on the platform clicking on the "Dashboard" from the "Navigation" block

The courses are automatically assigned to the teacher. It could be that the teaching material haven’t been loaded yet on the platform.

A list of topics 1 to 10 represents a course without content.

Of course. Click on the file name to start the download.

It may be useful to download a file for later offline viewing.