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Department of Biotechnologies and life sciences

Course description

Biotechnologies are called upon to solve many of the current challenges concerning human health, nutrition, quality of life and environment. Industrial biotechnologies represent the most advanced and applied aspect of this field.

The professional figure formed by the Degree Course possesses the know-how for the exploitation of organisms, cells or biomolecules to produce bio-goods (innovative drugs, nutraceuticals, bioplastics, novel renewable energy sources) and bio-services (sustainable industrial processes, innovative agriculture practices, bioremediation and circular economy processes) with the ultimate goal to improve the human and animal welfare and the environment quality.
The biotechnology sector shows a constant growth in terms of turnover and number of highly specialized employees and is characterized by extremely large investments in R&D.
The biotechnologist is a professional figure able to play high responsibility roles in development, management and control of research and production processes in different areas, such as, the pharmaceutical industry, the green chemistry, the agri-food and livestock sector, the environmental sector and the production of renewable energy.

The employment rate of graduates in Biotechnology for the Bio-based and Health Industry is very high, also because Lombardy is the Italian district with the highest concentration of biotechnological companies and thanks to the proximity of the biomedical cluster of the Canton Ticino (Swiss Confederation).

In addition, an international and up-to-date preparation, highly appreciated by the employment market, is reached through several collaborations with italian and foreign research groups, the Erasmus+ and the Double Degree programs (in collaboration with the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague).

Lessons are held in English.

Degree classification: Industrial Biotechnologies
Presidente del Consiglio di corso: GIANLUCA MOLLA
Credits: 120

What you need to know

Candidates must hold a first-level degree (three-year) obtained by February 28th, 2023, in the classes L-2 (Biotechnology) or L-13 (Biological Sciences), or another first-level degree obtained in Italy or abroad, that can be considered equivalent according to the current legislation.

In this latter case, the candidate’s previous career must include:

at least 36 credits in the sectors of area 05 (Biology) or in the SSD MED/03 (Medical genetics), MED/04 (General Pathology), MED/07 (Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology), MED/08 (Pathology), MED/42 (Hygiene and Public Health);

at least 12 credits in the sectors of area 01 (Mathematics and Informatics) or area 02 (Physics) or in the sector SSD MED/01 (Medical Statistics);

at least 12 credits in the sectors of area 03 (Chemistry).

Candidates satisfying the above requirements will have to take an interview (held in Italian or English, according to the candidate’s preference) with a committee of the Degree Course, aimed at verifying their preparation.

The schedule for the interviews will be published on the Course web page.

A negative outcome of the interview will preclude access to the Course for the current year.

Candidates who do not possess an internationally recognized certification for English language at level B2 (or higher), or who have not attended a first cycle course entirely held in English, will be required to attend a full-immersion course of Scientific English (offered in the second half of September 2024), and pass the corresponding exam.

Non-EU students

The access procedure consists of three steps:

  1. all candidates from extra EU countries shall pre-apply by filling in this form:


from January 1st 2024 to May 31st 2024 and send to: foreign.student.bbhi@uninsubria.it the following documents:

  • a transcript of records of the first-level Degree Course,
  • a certification of proficiency in the English language (at least B2 level),
  • a photocopy of the passport,
  • the CV,
  • a letter of motivation.
  1. Candidates who are considered potentially suitable based on the submitted documents will be asked to take a MS-Teams interview with a committee appointed by the Degree Program Board, aimed at verifying their preparation in the areas of basic physiology, molecular and cellular biology, microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, and genetics and biochemistry. A negative outcome of the interview will preclude access to the Course for the current year.
  2. Only candidates considered eligible for admission shall start the pre-enrolment procedure through the Universitaly website within the deadline annually published at:


The admission to the University program will be notified to Italian Consulates Emabassies through the Universitaly System in order to issue the Visa.

If you are a EU National, you may stay in Italy for as long as you like: you only need a passport or ID card.
If you are a NON-EU National, you'll have to carry out some formalities.

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Opportunities and support

Double degree

This course offers you the opportunity to attain a Double degree.

For information on scholarships and other benefits, consult:


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Attending classes

Studying, taking exams and graduating

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