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Busto Arsizio - Molini Marzoli
Department of Biotechnologies and life sciences

Course description

The Biomedical Sciences are one of the hottest and most dynamic areas of Biology, leading to continuous and exciting progress in scientific knowledge and its applications to human health.
The multidisciplinary approach, including molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, pharmacology, physiology and pathology, and the close connection with research activities of excellence, combined with a particular attention to the needs of the single students, are the strengths of this Master’s Degree Program.

The preparation offered by this course qualifies the graduates in BMS for various professional profiles, including: working in scientific communication; functioning as medical advisor or as medical science liaison in the medical directions of pharmaceutic and biotech companies; executing and supervising analyses and quality control in the clinical, biomolecular, genetic, cytogenetic, microbiological, pharmaco-toxicological fields; participating actively in the planning and execution of research in the biomedical field and in the dissemination of the results to the scientific community.

The numerous collaborations and contacts with Italian and international laboratories, the Erasmus exchange program, and the possibility of attending a Double Degree programme at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences offer the opportunity of acquiring a highly appreciated international experience and preparation in the work world.
Furthermore, the courses are taught entirely in English, accustoming the students to mastering what is now considered the official language in the scientific and working community.

The study plan includes two different curricula.

  1. Basic and applied biomedical sciences curriculum

    This curriculum provides a very flexible and dynamic training, offering a wide range of elective courses to allow the students to customize their study plan according to their interests and inclinations.
    Thus, the students can opt for a more in-depth study of the cellular and molecular bases of pathological processes and of the main diagnostic-therapeutic intervention modes, with a special focus on the areas of oncology and neuroscience, as well as develop stronger applied biomedical skills.
  2. Double degree curriculum

    This curriculum mainly focuses on immunology and clinical applications.
    The students admitted to this program will attend their second-year classes and will train to prepare their thesis at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences in Germany; at the end of the course, the students will obtain the title of Master of Science Degree (MSc) in Biomedical Sciences also from the German University.

The degree also provides access to doctoral programs in the fields of Biology and Biomedicine, to various specialization schools in the Biomedical area, and to the state exam for qualification as a biologist.

Job opportunities for graduates in BMS are available in the fields of scientific communication, in the medical management of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies (as medical advisor or medical science liason), and in laboratories performing clinical, biomolecular, genetic and cytogenetic, microbiological, pharmaco-toxicological, and quality control analyses.
​Biomedical scientists are also qualified to actively participate in the design and conduction of research projects on biological concepts and theories applied to the biomedical field, as well as in the dissemination of the achieved results across the scientific community.

Degree classification: Biology
Presidente del Consiglio di corso: TIZIANA RUBINO
Credits: 120

What you need to know

Candidates must hold a first-level degree (three-year) in the classes L-13 (Biological Sciences) or L-2 (Biotechnology), or another first-level degree obtained in Italy or abroad, that can be considered equivalent according to the current legislation. In this latter case, the candidates’ previous career must include at least 40 credits in the following sectors:

BIO / 6 (Comparative Anatomy and Cytology), BIO / 09 (Physiology), BIO / 10 (Biochemistry) , BIO / 11 (Molecular Biology), BIO / 12 (Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology), BIO / 13 (Applied Biology), BIO / 14 (Pharmacology), BIO / 16 (Human Anatomy), BIO / 18 (Genetics) , BIO / 19 (Microbiology), MED / 03 (Medical genetics), MED / 04 (General Pathology), MED / 06 (Medical Oncology), MED / 07 (Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology). Candidates must have acquired the first-level title by December 31, 2023 to access the course.


Candidates satisfying the above requirements shall have to take an interview with a committee appointed by the Degree Program Board, aimed at verifying their preparation in the areas of physiology, pharmacology, molecular and cellular biology and biochemistry (for a list of the main topics for the interview, see the pdf file on this page). A negative outcome of the interview will preclude access to the Course for the current year.


Candidates must also possess adequate knowledge of the English language, as documented by: - an internationally recognized certification for a level corresponding at least to B2 level in the common European Reference Framework for Language Proficiency. This certification should be obtained within the three previous years; or - an academic degree (Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree) corresponding to a course taught entirely in English. Candidates who fail to satisfy either criterion shall have to attend the Scientific English course that will be offered during the second half of September 2024, and to pass the relative exam.


Non-EU students: the access procedure consists of two steps:

all candidates from extra EU countries shall pre-apply by filling in this form:


from December 1st 2023 to May 31st 2024 and send to: foreign.students.bms@uninsubria.it the following documents:

a transcript of records of the first-level Degree Course (final mark at least 75%),
a certification of proficiency in the English language (at least B2 level),
a photocopy of the passport,
the CV,
a letter of motivation.

Candidates must have documented knowledge in the areas of biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, pharmacology, and immunology.

Potentially suitable candidates based on the submitted documents will be asked to take a Skype interview with a committee appointed by the Degree Program Board, aimed at verifying their preparation in the areas of pharmacology, immunology, molecular and cellular biology, genetics and biochemistry. In case one/two of the above five topics is not part of the first-level Degree Course, the student will be asked to fill in this gap prior to the admission interview. A negative outcome of the interview will preclude access to the Course for the current year.

Only candidates considered eligible for admission shall start the pre-enrolment procedure through the Universitaly website within the deadline annually published on the website: 

Pre-enrollment procedures for non UE international students

The admission to the University program will be notified to Italian Consulates Embassies through the Universitaly System in order to issue the Visa.

Considering that the student may need to study for the admission interview and the considerable time needed for the enrolment and visa procedures we urge the students to apply as soon as possible after December 1st.

Admitted students are not guaranteed any economical support. Few economical resources are available for meritable students through competitive calls that are normally open in the spring period.

If you are a EU National, you may stay in Italy for as long as you like: you only need a passport or ID card.
If you are a NON-EU National, you'll have to carry out some formalities.

Curricula and study plans

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Opportunities and support

Double degree

This course offers you the opportunity to attain a Double degree

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Attending classes

Studying, taking exams and graduating

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  3. choose the courses of your study plan in the I miei corsi (My courses) section
  4. there you will find all the materials that the teacher makes available.

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