Departmental research grant: Communicating and Representing the Earth in the Italian Context (18th - 19th century) (dista2023-adr011)

PRIN 2022 -Area SH6 - Titolo: "Communicating and Representing the Earth: Structures and Phenomena in the Italian Context (17th - 19th century)" finanziato dall’Unione europea – Next Generation EU
Recipients: Post graduate
Call category: Departmental research fellowship grants
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General information

Notice of a competition by qualifications and interview announced for the assignment of n. 1 departmental grant for collaboration in research activities lasting 12 months for the academic recruitment field of 11/C2 – Logic, History and Philosophy of science to the Department of Theoretical and Applied Sciences.
Responsible Scientists: prof. Ezio Vaccari.

All the details in the announcement.

Calling Code: dista2023-adr011
Published in the Official Register on: 17/05/2024
Published on the MUR website: 17/05/2024

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The application for participation in the selection must be submitted online at the URL:

More information in the announcement.

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