How to create an account online

In order to enroll to any Program you have first to register to the online services following the steps indicated below.

1. Registration

Click on “Registration”

2. Creation

This page lists all the data needed for the registration. Please collect all data before going through, then click on “create an account”

3. Fiscal Code

If you already have one, enter your fiscal code, otherwise tick the case “Foreign student without Fiscal Code” and click “continue”

4. Personal data

Enter your personal data, then click “Forward”

5. Address

Enter your address, then click “Forward”

6. Required Data

Enter the required data then click “Forward”

ATTENTION: pay attention to enter your e-mail address correctly

7. Password

Choose a password according to the indicated rules, then click “Forward”

8. Confirmation

Verify your data and, if everything is correct click “Confirm” otherwise go back to edit the previous pages

  • The registration is completed, if you want proceed with the enrollment, wait 10 minutes then click “Log in”
  • If you want to enroll later click “exit”