Interlibrary loan and document delivery services

Scope: Libraries, Studying, Work tools
Recipients: Students, Graduates, Staff
Contenuto servizio
Information for institutional users (borrowing)

The Library provides access to material not held within its collections through the Inter-Library Loan service.

Interlibrary service is reserved to Insubria users (university students, professors, researchers and staff).

ILL and DD requests for book, article or book chapter(s) can be submitted by:

Loan period depends on the lending library.

Information for other Libraries (Lending)

Loans and photocopies of items held by Insubria University Libraries can be supplied to other libraries. We welcome requests from national and foreign libraries.

ILL and DD requests can be submitted by e-mail to:

Economics Library:
Law Library:
Medicine and Science Library:
Science Library:

We offer free cooperation for ILL-DD service, otherwise we only accept IFLA vouchers as payment.

Insubria University Libraries do not lend: audiovisual material, journals, newspapers, items held in early printed books and special collections, thesis and dissertation, unsuitably bound items.