Confidential councelor and CUG

Scope: Listening and counseling
Recipients: Students, Graduates, Staff
Access methods: Helpdesk
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The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union begins in article no. 1 with the following statement: “Human dignity is inviolable. It must be respected and protected”. 
The protection of human dignity is given priority to the protection of the “right to life”, which is laid down in article no. 2 of the treatise, thus demonstrating the exceptional significance and importance of this value. 

The university confidential councelor

The appointed Confidential Councelor is Chiara Vannoni, a lawyer.

He is an impartial figure whom all those who work within the University may turn to, in order to report  any discrimination, sexual harassment or mobbing episode. They are also expected to find conciliatory solutions, with prevention techniques. 
In carrying out their function, the Confidential Counselor should guarantee the utmost confidentiality of the information thus acquired.

Who can contact the Councelor?

This service initially dedicated to Professors and technical – administrative staff, from the academic year 2020/2021 has been extended to PhD students, students and postgraduates.

How to

Due to the sensitivity of the issues, the Confidential Counselor meets with clients on appointment, only.
She should, therefore, be previously contacted via email in order to issue an alert and/or make an appointment at her office in Varese/Como or on line.
Please write to:

The guarantee committee

The Committee for Equal Opportunities (CUG – Comitato Unico di Garanzia, in Italian) aims to ensure, in the context of public office, gender equality and equal opportunities by reinforcing workers’ protection and guaranteeing the absence of any form of moral or psychological violence and discrimination, be it direct or indirect, as regards gender, age, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, religion and language. 

This Committee:

  • promotes suitable measures and actions to guarantee equal opportunities, also in collaboration with other entities and subjects
  • as verification, advisory and propositional tasks, in order to promote the implementation of working conditions which are characterized by organizational welfare
  • has law enforcement tasks as regards any form of discrimination and moral, physical or psychological violence
  • should promote the dissemination of an equal opportunity culture, also through the promotion of gender studies (article no. 2, paragraph 1. of the regulations). 

The Committee for Equal Opportunities is a joint committee, composed by a designated member from each of the most represented labor unions in the University and by an equal number of representatives of the administration, in order to ensure the overall presence of both genders. It has a four-year mandate. 

Full members (2018-2022 period) : 

  • Professor Fabio Conti, teacher (President)
  • Professor Francesca Ruggieri, University representative
  • Silvia Ceccarelli, technical-administrative personell, University representative
  • Anna Rita Grilli, technical-administrative personell, University representative
  • Isabella Bechini, technical-administrative personell, FLC CGIL representative
  • Rossana Luppi, technical-administrative personell, FGU GILDA UNAMS representative
  • Michele Iuorio, technical-administrative staff, UIL representative
  • Roberta Mazzucchi, technical-administrative personell, CISL representative

Alternate members:

  • Professor Paola Biavaschi, University representative
  • Federico Raos, technical-administrative personell, University representative
  • Maristella Mastore, technical-administrative personell, FLC CGIL representative
  • Fabrizio Bolognese, technical-administrative personell, FGU GILDA UNAMS representative
  • Roberto Gambillara, technical-administrative personell, UIL representative
  • Anna Maria Andriani, technical-administrative personell, CISL representative

If you need to contact the CUG, please write to: