Cerco Alloggio - Accommodation Service

Scope: University and city life
Recipients: Students, Graduates
Access methods: Online
Contenuto servizio
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Who can use the accommodation service
  • students, both Italian and foreign, enrolled at the University of Insubria;
  • students, both Italian and foreign, enrolled in other universities and who spend, as part of an agreement between universities, periods of study/research at the University of Insubria;
  • students enrolled in curricular courses as part of the internationalization programmes of teaching (LLP, Erasmus, etc).

It is clarified that the service is reserved only for off-site and international students.

How the service works

erco Alloggio is a service of orientation and support in the research of a room/flat to rent made thanks to a database of certified apartments - accessible through the link: www.cercoalloggio.com/insubria - which allows, for free, to:

  • identify suitable student accommodation,
  • download and compile, directly online, the lease contracts of the real estate (drawn up in accordance with the law and to protect owners and tenants)
  • take advantage of a support service, provided through a digital counter, which responds to the requests of the owners of the identified properties and assists students during the period of stay at the rented property

The web platform is multilingual, searchable and also accessible for students with disabilities, allows you to view photographs and virtual tours of the apartments, highlights the rents, identify the contacts of the owners and all other useful information related to the properties.

In order to obtain a completely free consultation, the University Advisor of Accommodation is available by phone at +39 3285348192, to the email address insubria@cercoalloggio.com and on the dedicated FB page (https://www.facebook.com/cercoalloggiouninsubria)

Application form for Erasmus and international students

The students enrolled in the Erasmus and international mobility programmes can contact the Accommodation service by filling in the application form at the following address: www.cercoalloggio.com/#!/international

Additional support services by paying a fee

The student can also take advantage of the following additional services, by paying a fee:

  • drafting and registration of the contract, for an amount equal to € 122.00 VAT included;
  • drafting/ registration of the contract and processing of all the practices that allow international students to become regular tenants of a property in the national territory, for an amount of € 183.00 VAT included;

Please note that: in case of early withdrawal a contribution of the same amount is provided.