Borrowing library books

Scope: Libraries, Studying, Work tools
Recipients: Students, Graduates, Staff, Institutions and organizations
Contenuto servizio

The Library collections is directly available by the users on open shelving except for special or archived materials.

Users can borrow books from the shelves in the reading rooms using Insubria University card and they can ask further information regarding books or materials from storages at the circulation desk. 

All library materials can be borrowed except:

periodicals, degree theses and PhD dissertations, cartographic material, any works in a poor state of conservation, volumes belonging to special collections (ancient and historical), general reference collection for examples dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Readers with a valid library account can renew books on line, by e-mail, by phone or in person.

Items may be renewed for further loan periods under certain circumstances:

  • Items can be renewed only up to the due date
  • Items can be renewed only if another reader has not recalled them

It may be prudent to renew books the day before the expiry date.
Items cannot be renewed if they are overdue. 

Items that are overdue, or that have been requested by another reader, must be returned at the circulation desk in the reading room.

If you are unable to return your books in person and cannot renew them, you may post your books back to the Library.

You can make an online request by Insubre when a book is checked out or you can make a reservation directly asking the circulation desk.

Reservation notices are sent out notifying users that the book requested is ready to be collected.
Reserved books are kept for seven days and can be collected from the circulation desk.

Users logged in Insubre can:

  • Check books on loan
  • Check the return date for any loaned items
  • Renew books
  • Check reservations

Reminder notices are sent to inform users about due date.
Overdue notices are sent out to remind users that the items are overdue.

If an item is overdue the library suspends automatically user’s privileges and users will be unable to use the Library until the item has been returned.

If user’s institutional account is expired privileges will be blocked.

User status: Undergraduate & PhD students
Item type and checkout period: Book (30 days), Textbook (15 days), “Diritto allo studio” text book (60 days), Audiovisual materials (7 days)
Item Limit: 10 (total of all types)
Renewals: 1 renewal (books and DVD), 3 renewals (“Diritto allo studio” textbook)

User status: Professors, research fellows, grant holders, tutors, scholars, faculty & university staff
Item type and checkout period: Book (30 days)
Item Limit: 15 (total of all types)
​Renewals: Automatic renewal for 1 year