Centro di Ricerca di Diritto doganale e del commercio internazionale

The Center was established in 2016, within the Department of Law, Economics and Cultures of the University of Insubria. It aims to carry out legal research, training and activities in the field of customs law and international trade law and also contributes to the training of researchers and teachers in the above-mentioned areas by cooperating with domestic or foreign bodies, individuals and public entities.

Since 2021 the Center has been among the Affiliate Academic Institutions (Affiliate Academic Institutions) of the International Network of Customs Universities, which brings together, internationally, the most prestigious universities and research centers in the field of customs law and international trade. The Center, since 2016, has organized an annual course on customs and international trade law involving qualified academics and professionals. A number of conferences, seminars and webinars have also been organized in recent years as a result of the Center's work, always on topical and interesting issues, involving scholars, professionals and students.

The Center Director is Fabrizio Vismara, full professor of International law with the University of Insubria.