Double Degree with the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis – France

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The Department of Theoretical and Applied Science holds a Double Degree agreement with the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Nice Sophi-Antipolis, involving the Master degrees in Computer Science (IFI and RIF). 

In order to achieve the double degree diploma, the students selected in the program are required to spend their second academic year at the partner University and to attain 60 ECTS credits of the required courses. All courses within the double-degree program are taught partially in English and partially in French or Italian.

DD outgoing students application process

Students partecipate in a call opened every a.y.. For further information please visit the following link:

DD Incoming students application process

Incoming students are selected by their home University. According to the DD agreement, they are enrolled and required to spend their second academic year at the University of Insubria from September to July. They attend the courses that are listed in their Learning Agreement. The LA will be checked by the Insubria Double Degree Committee. 

Incoming_students have to send an email to both and (subject: Double Degree Computer Science) containing the following information:

  • Motivation letter
  • Personal data
  • High School Degree (Name-Institution, Place, date, and final mark) and Bachelor Degree (Name-Institution, Place, date and final mark)
  • Learning Agreement (LA)
  • Certificate of B2 knowledge of English language

Incoming students must as well:

  • be nominated for a Double Degree stay at the Insubria University by the partner University
  • enroll for the Double Degree program at IU, by filling in the online application

No tuition fees are required at Insubria University; students are themselves responsible for any additional costs such accommodation, food, public transport etc.

Once arrived, DD incoming students have to go to the Student’s Affair Office, located in Varese Via Ravasi n. 2, for the registration procedure. 

At the same time, they have to apply for the tax code (used by the Public Administration to identify all the citizens living in Italy) at the “Agenzia delle entrate” located in Varese in Via Frattini.


Non_EU nationals DD students must apply as well for the Residence Permit, issued by the Police Station (Questura), that entitles them to live temporarily in Italy. Applications for Residence Permit for study purpose must be submitted within 8 working days from the arrival in Italy, by going to a “CAF Office” or by going to any Italian Post Office and asking for a “kit”. 


DD incoming students are expected to arrive in Varese at the beginning of September. Classes start at the middle of September.