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Starting from the a.y. 2023/2024, the Department of Economics holds a Double Degree agreement with the School of Economics and Business of the KTU, Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania, involving the MSc GEEM and the MSc in International Business . This agreement regards the specialisation in International Business & Entrepreneurship (IBE).

In order to achieve the double degree diploma, GEEM students selected in the program are required to spend the I semester of the II academic year (37 ECTS at least: 25 ECTS as exams and 12 ECTS that count as an additional part of the thesis) at the partner University in Lithuania. All courses within the double-degree program are taught in English.

DD students must write the Masters’ thesis in English. Students write the Master Thesis in their respective home university, under the joint supervision of one examiner from each party. As said, GEEM students, need to expand their Master thesis with in-depth additional part focused on the “Relevance of the research question” on which the thesis is based (equivalent to 12 ECTS).

Both students from Insubria and from KTU will have to defend their thesis at Insubria, either in presence or in videoconference, in front of a panel of lecturers from both universities (participating in presence or in videoconference, too).

After having successfully completed the Program, students will be awarded with both the Master degree M.Sc. in “International Business” and the Master degree M.Sc. in “Global Entrepreneurship, Economics and Management, specialization in International Business and Entrepreneurship (GEEM-IBE)”. Each institution will issue its degree diploma: in Italian by the University of Insubria and in Lithuanian/English by KTU.

KTU Logo

An interdisciplinary university, competitive at the international level, developing and transferring new knowledge and innovations: this is the Kaunas University of Technology. The origins of KTU go back to the University of Lithuania, which was established on 16 February 1922 has developed a great potential for studies and research and stays a leader in innovations and technologies in the Baltic States region. With 10.500 students and 1.000 academic staff, KTU strives to bring together highly talented students (supported by University and external scholarships), researchers and academics to perform cutting-edge research, to deliver top quality education and to provide research and development services to a wide range of businesses.

DD outgoing students application process

In order to be admitted to the DD students must apply to a call opened every a.y.

Applicants have to submit (in English):

  • Bachelor degree diploma
  • List of the exams already passed at the moment of application
  • English language certificate (at least B2), issued by the institution of origin or by a specialized linguistic centre
  • Curriculum vitae in European format
  • Copy of personal ID (ID card or passport)
  • Motivational letter

All documents (except the ID card/passport) are submitted in English or with the official translation in English.

The Coordination Committee of the Double Degree program will select candidate students according to the following criteria: academic excellence; motivation; knowledge of English minimum B2 or equivalent.


Students willing to enroll in the DD Program are required to take 6 ECTS in seminar courses during their first year, at Insubria. The Department of Economics offers to IBE GEEM students the course Seminar in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (6ECTS) in the 2nd semester.


Selected students will be contacted by the Host University and will receive all the necessary instructions.

DD Incoming students application process

Incoming KTU students are enrolled at the II year of Msc GEEM. They will study at Insubria in the fall semester (3rd semester of their MSc program).

They attend all the courses that are listed in their Learning Agreement for a total of 30 ECTS. They have to contact the IRO (Erasmus@uninsubria.it) if they wish to lodge in the students house “Collegio Cattaneo – Varese”.

Students have to send by email the Transcripts of records, the Learning Agreement, the certificate of B2 knowledge of English language and a motivation letter to Gabriella Franchi (email foreign.students.eco@uninsubria.it).

DD incoming students are expected to arrive in Varese at the beginning of October when classes start.

At the same time, they have to apply for the tax code (used by the Public Administration to identify all the citizens living in Italy) at the “Agenzia delle entrate” located in Varese in Via Frattini.

Once at the Department of Economics, incoming DD students have to go to the Foreign Students Office, to meet Ms. Gabriella Franchi.