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University of Hohenheim

Insubria students participating to a double degree program spend their second year studying at the partner University and, once obtained the whole 120 credits due, they will achieve two master degree diplomas: the Italian diploma released by the University of Insubria and the diploma released by the partner University.

The Department of Economics holds a Double Degree agreement with the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, involving the MSc GEEM and the MSc in International Business and Economics. This agreement regards only the specialization in  Economics of Innovation (EI) of GEEM master degree. In order to achieve the double degree diploma, GEEM students selected in the program are required to spend their second academic year at the partner University in Germany and to attain  60 ECTS credits of the required courses in Stuttgart. All courses within the double-degree program are taught in English.

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The  Hohenheim Universität  is located southward of Stuttgart, Germany. Founded in 1818, it is Stuttgart’s oldest University. Its primary areas of specialisation had traditionally been agricultural and natural sciences. Today, however, the majority of its students are enrolled in one of the many study programs offered by the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences making the University of Hohenheim one of Germany’s top-tier universities in these fields.

Double Degree Programs
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Universität Hohenheim – Stuttgart Germany

DD outgoing students application process

 Students partecipate in a call opened every a.y.

Applicants have to submit (in English): a cover letter (see Cover Letter  of the call); a curriculum vitae in European format (with full details: complete contact information, records of university career-BA mark; the list of all the exams passed in the 1st semester); job experiences, if any and the competence in foreign languages; certificate of English proficiency (if any); a motivation letter.

  • The Coordination Committee of the Double Degree program will select candidate students according to the following criteria: academic achievements; number of the credits gained on the total due credits; the Bachelor degree final grade; English Language knowledge (minimum Level B2 of the CEFR); motivation.

Admission requirements

Students willing to enroll in the DD Program are required to take 6 ECTS in seminar courses during their first year, at Insubria, and 6 ECTS in seminar courses during their second year at the partner University. The Department of Economics offers 3 seminar courses:

  • Seminar in History of Innovation and Economic Growth (6 ECTS), 1st semester
  • Seminar in Industrial Dynamics and Evolution (6 ECTS), 2nd semester
  • Seminar in Machin Learning and Big Data Analysis (6 ECTS), 2nd semester

Each seminar course has a limited number of places available (10/15).

Once admitted

Selected students will be contacted by the Host University and will receive all the  necessary instructions. They have to register at the foreign University Portal https://exchange.uni-hohenheim.de/preparation?&L=1. The deadline to apply is June 1st .

When filling in the online application, students should indicate the exchange program as “double degree (International Business and Economics)”. Students have to send the transcripts of records and the learning agreement by email to Mr. Lars Banzhaf at  lars.banzhaf@uni-hohenheim.de

In their application students may also state if they wish to attend a (German) language intensive course in September (fee required), and if they wish to have a buddy when arriving in Stuttgart. It is also possible  to apply for a room in the dormitory: there are different categories of rooms and the rent ranges from 200 to 350 Euro per month.

DD Incoming students application process

Incoming students are selected by their home University. According to the DD agreement, incoming they are enrolled and required to spend their second academic year at the University of Insubria from October to July. They should obtain at least 42 ECTS (exams) plus 18 ECTS (Master Thesis).

They attend all the courses that are listed in their Learning Agreement.The LA will be checked by the Insubria Double Degree Committee. 

They have to contact the IRO (Erasmus@uninsubria.it) if they wish to lodge in the students house “Collegio Cattaneo – Varese”.

Students have to send by email the Transcripts of records, the Learning Agreement, the certificate of B2 knowledge of English language and a motivation letter to Gabriella Franchi (email foreign.students.eco@uninsubria.it)

DD incoming students are expected to arrive in Varese at the beginning of October. Classes start at the beginning of October 2021.

At the same time they have to apply for the tax code (used by the Public Administration to identify all the citizens living in Italy) at the “Agenzia delle entrate” located in Varese in Via Frattini.

Once at the Department of Economics, incoming DD students have to go to the Foreign Students Office, to meet Ms. Gabriella Franchi.

Moreover, in order to obtain the Insubria Master degree diploma all DD students (both outgoing and incoming students) must defend their Master Thesis. As a consequence, DD incoming students have to write the Master Thesis here in Varese and will be required to defend it in Varese.