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Endonasal endoscopic approaches evolved significantly over the last 20 years, allowing for the minimally invasive treatment of various inflammatory and oncologic pathologies of the nose and paranasal sinuses. Furthermore, the possibility to repair the skull base defects allows to use the paranasal sinuses as a surgical corridor to access the anterior, middle and posterior cranial fossa. Thanks to these innovations and the close collaboration between otolaryngologists and neurosurgeons, at present, extensive skull base pathologies could be successfully treated through a minimally invasive endoscopic approach. In recent years, the development of transoral and transorbital surgical approaches has further widen the limits of minimally invasive endoscopic approaches to the skull base. For this reason, a highly specialized course is necessary to train a professional in the field of endoscopic treatment of skull base disease. The conception of this course was inspired by the success achieved by previous editions of university specialization courses in endoscopic surgery of the paranasal sinuses and skull base organized by the Department of Biotechnology and Life Sciences of the University of Insubria.

Direttore scientifico: Castelnuovo Paolo Giocondo Maria
Academic Year: 2023/2024

What you need to know

The aim of this Course is to provide the anatomical and clinical knowledge necessary for the surgeon, interested in the treatment of paranasal sinuses and skull base pathologies, through minimally invasive endoscopic surgical approaches. The course will also deal in detail with the diagnostic workup and the employ of essential instruments.
During the course the attendants will have the opportunity to develop practical surgical skills through exercises on anatomical specimens and direct clinical exercises.

Those who meet the following requirements may be admitted:

  • Medical degree obtained under the D.M. 509/99 or of the Ministerial Decree 270/2004, or a degree in Medicine and Surgery obtained according to the legal systems prior to the Ministerial Decree 509/1999 or of the Ministerial Decree 270/2004 or equivalent qualification, or other qualification obtained abroad deemed suitable;
  • Specialization in Otolaryngology / Neurosurgery / Maxillofacial Surgery;
  • Equivalent qualifications obtained abroad are allowed.

For information about the admission procedure, please contact:
Ufficio Post Lauream – Via Ottorino Rossi n. 8 - 21100 Varese
e-mail: master.ateneo@uninsubria.it  

For information about the Course organization, please contact:


Admission call

The application for admission to the master must be submitted using only the online procedure by connecting to the University of Insubria website (www.uninsubria.it) from any personal computer no later than 12 AM of March 3rd 2023.

Candidates should register themselves on the web page https://uninsubria.esse3.cineca.it, by entering the following data: tax code, personal data, address, telephone number and e-mail address. With the username assigned and the chosen password, they must log in, click on the “Admission test” and register for the competition called “International Master Course in Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery”.

During the registration procedure, will be required to upload a valid identity document and to enter the data relating to the academic qualifications obtained during professional career, with the relative classification.

At the end of the registration procedure, the candidate must provide for the payment of the contribution of € 20.00 through the electronic printable payment notice by clicking on the "Payments" button. Payment of the € 20.00 contribution must be made no later than 12 AM of March 3rd 2023.

In case of difficulty in online registration, please contact master.ateneo@uninsubria.it

The terms for submitting applications for participation in the competition are peremptory.

The amount of € 20.00, as an admission fee to the competition, will not be returned under any circumstances, not even in case of incorrect payment.

Failure to complete the application in the manner described above determines the inadmissibility. Incomplete applications will be rejected. Applications received after the deadline or in different ways will not be accepted from those indicated. The deadlines for submitting applications for admission to the competition are peremptory.

Foreign or Italian candidates in possession of foreign study certificate must follow the same procedure and also send to the “Post-Lauream Office” (write to master.ateneo@uninsubria.it to arrange an appointment):

  • application form filled in and signed by the canditate
  • documentation relating to the qualification obtained abroad (translated and legalized qualification, declaration of value and certificate of exams taken and related translated and legalized programs)
  • curriculum vitae
  • motivational letter
  • identification document:
    1. EU citizens: copy of an identification document
    2. non-EU citizens not resident in Italy: copy of the entry visa, issued by the competent Italian Consular Authorities of the country of origin (Decreto Ministero Affari esteri 12.07.2000, artt. 4 e 5 D.Lgs. 286/98);
    3. non-EU citizens legally resident in Italy: copy of the green card released for one of the reasons mentioned in art. 39 del D. Lgs. 286/98 (art. 5, D. Lgs. 286/98, DPR 394/99).

For further information, please refer to the provisions of the MIUR for the academic year 2022/2023, available at the link: https://www.studiare-in-italia.it/studentistranieri/

Those who fail to obtain the required documentation in time may be admitted with reserve. They will deliver the academic qualification, translated, and legalized in addition to the Declaration of Value by the registration date.
If the qualification was obtained in a European university, it is possible, as an alternative to the Declaration of Value, to present the Diploma Supplement, legalized by the competent authorities.
The University reserves the right to request the “declaration of value” if there are doubts about the validity of the presented qualification.

The admission fee for pre-enrollment classification is set at € 20.00 (twenty/00) and must be paid in a single payment using the payment notification attached to the online registration.

The enrollment fee for the Master is set at € 8,000.00 (eight thousand/00) for each participant, according to the procedures that will be indicated in the admission ranking list of the course.