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3 years
Department of Science and high technology
Degree classification: Chemistry
Presidente del Consiglio di corso: SIMONA GALLI
Credits: 180

Course description

Chemistry is a fast-evolving basic science, with strong connections to any aspect of human life, environment, nature, and technological development. Chemistry research activities involve planning, developing, and investigating cutting-edge processes and materials impacting on both basic knowledge and industrial applications. Chemistry plays a key role in moving forward to healthier societies and sustainable development, by reducing the impact and increasing the efficiency of industrial processes (green chemistry), decreasing consumption of resources and wastes (circular economy), and fostering the use of renewable energy.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry belongs to the L-27 class (Chemical Sciences and Technologies). As required by the rules of this class, the fundamental and characterizing courses of the educational plan offer the students theoretical, methodological and applied knowledge and skills in the four fundamental areas of chemistry (Analytical chemistry, Physical chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry), as well as in Biochemistry and Polymers chemistry and technology. This knowledge is corroborated by an adequate preparation in Mathematics and Physics. Moreover, the educational plan enables the students to individually build up part of their career, privileging their cultural and professional interests, by means of electives. The latter aim to deepen the knowledge in one of the fundamental areas of Chemistry or to acquire transversal professionalizing skills. The students complete their career with the curricular traineeship, carrying out an experimental activity on a chemistry-related topic.

The educational plan provides the Bachelor’s laureates with a solid and versatile preparation, adequate to face the challenges characterizing the different fields of Chemistry and to meet the expectations of the labor market, with the duties and responsibilities of a Junior Chemist. The laureates can apply to the examination to be admitted as Junior Chemists to the professional register of the National Federation of Chemist and Physicist Practitioners (Federazione Nazionale degli Ordini dei Chimici e dei Fisici).

The Bachelor’s laureates in Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry can attend Master’s Degrees in Chemistry and related fields.

Lessons are held in Italian.

What you need to know

Locally planned access, places subject to availability.

For the academic year 2021/22, the enrolment in the Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry is open for 159 positions (of which 9 dedicated to foreign students, of which 2 reserved to Chines students). The applicants’ selection is carried out on a “first come, first served” base.

Previous knowledge verification
The Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry has joined the Commission dedicated to the previous knowledge verification tests for the scientific Bachelor’s Degrees, as proposed by Conferenza Nazionale dei Presidenti e dei Direttori delle Strutture Universitarie di Scienze e Tecnologie in collaboration with Piano Nazionale Lauree Scientifiche and CISIA.
Students interested in enrolling in the Degree in Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry must take the TOLC-S test (in the form of TOLC@CASA until otherwise specified) provided by CISIA. The TOLC-S test can be taken at any University which has adopted it, even in advance with respect to the enrolment, but not later than December 15th 2021. The test is passed if the candidates correctly answer to 10 out of the 20 queries of the Mathematics module.
In case of failure by December 15th 2021, students are assigned an additional learning requirement (OFA), which must be absolved by the end of the first academic year, September 30th 2022. Students with OFA will be provided in the e-learning area with what deemed necessary to strengthen their preparation in Mathematics. For the OFA to be considered absolved, by the above quoted deadline students with OFA must

  • pass the previous knowledge verification test, or
  • pass an in itinere test organized on Mathematics by the course professors, or
  • pass the examination of Mathematics 1.

Access to the second year in regular position is possible only for students without OFA.

If you are a EU National, you may stay in Italy for as long as you like: you only need a passport or ID card.
If you are a NON-EU National, you'll have to carry out some formalities.

Department of Science and High Technology
Via Valleggio 11, 22100 Como – Italy
e-mail: didattica.disat@uninsubria.it

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Studying, taking exams and graduating

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