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Course description

This PhD program represents an educational and research proposal of “innovative courses” based on an interdisciplinary approach to the issues related to life sciences. The PhD course aims to face with basic research issues with a biotechnological approach, by using different model systems in the biology, biomedicine and (bio)chemistry fields.
The activities have been planned to train a professional figure able to participate to both academic and industrial research activities, highly qualified and skilled to perform scientific investigations, to analyze and evaluate experimental results, to propose and verify scientific hypotheses, to organize and plan a research project, and to communicate the obtained results incisively.
The course aims to prepare PhDs in fundamental fields of life sciences where they can interact and integrate skills arising from basic knowledge in biological, cellular and molecular processes and from industrial and applied biomedical aspects. The vastness of the topics addressed (a peculiar feature of the biotechnology field) requires the definition of training courses partially common to all PhD students, which differentiate during the development of the proposed research projects under the supervision of the PhD mentor. The proposed path is therefore aimed to foster the specificity of scientific profiles through a multidisciplinary and varied offer of training activities, without providing for the rigid organization in curricula.

One main goal of the PhD Course is to reach a high level of internationalization through the involvement in the teaching and research activities of foreign teachers: we strongly encourage PhD students to spend a research period abroad (at least 3 months) and to actively participate to joined international projects.

Coordinator: Michetti Alessandro Maria
Academic Year: 2023/2024
Ph.D. Cycle: XXXIX cycle

What you need to know

An application can be submitted by Italian and foreign citizens who have completed or are completing their graduate studies.
Graduate qualifications accepted: all. Graduate qualifications (Master's degree) most related to the aims of the PhD course: Biotechnology; Medicine and surgery; Dentistry; Veterinary medicine; Communication sciences; Bio-sciences; Pharmacy; Psychology; Chemistry and Pharmaceutical technologies; Physics; Environmental Sciences; Engineering; Agricultural Sciences; Food Sciences; Zoo-techniques.
The candidates can choose to be interviewed either in English or Italian.


You can enroll after a public competition based on qualifications and an oral examination. Please see:

Class attendance

The teaching activities (both mandatory and optional) associated with each single year of the Course are proposed annually by the PhD School Board. 

For information

Address: c/o Dipartimento di Biotecnologie e Scienze della Vita - DBSV
Università degli Studi dell'Insubria
Via Dunant, 3 - 21100 Varese - Italy

Cordinator: Prof. Alessandro Maria Michetti (alessandro.michetti@uninsubria.it)

PhD Course website: www.dbsm.uninsubria.it/phdbbtc/