Success for the first Open Day for Swiss high schools on 1 March at the Italian Consulate General in Lugano

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Open Day in Lugano

Under the aegis of the motto «Insubria: excellence a step away from home», around sixty Swiss high school students attended the first Open Day organised by Insubria University at the Italian Consulate General in Lugano on 1 March.

After greetings from Consul General Gabriele Meucci and from the founder of the Centre for Swiss Law Prof. Maria Paola Viviani Schlein, Insubria's vast educational offer and the concrete opportunities for integration into the world of work were presented by the Rector's delegates Giorgio Zamperetti and Michela Prest, and by numerous lecturers, including the heads of the departments of Law, Economics and Culture Prof. Francesca Ruggieri and of Medicine and Surgery Prof. Luigina Guasti. Also present as testimonials were a number of Insubria alumni, including Christopher Zanazzi who, after graduating in Law, brilliantly obtained his licence as a lawyer in Ticino, where he satisfactorily practices the legal profession.

During the meeting, the advantages of an education in Italian but open to the international dimension were emphasised, due to the many Erasmus/Semp agreements and the double degree courses that allow a degree to be awarded simultaneously by Insubria and by prestigious universities in the European Union and the Swiss Confederation.

In addition to the lively interest shown by the Swiss students, who, at the end of the meeting, asked numerous questions about the many facilities for international students (including the call for scholarships to be issued on 15 March), this first Insubria 'foray' into Swiss territory also aroused the curiosity of the local media present at the event, who gave space to the event in Ticino's newspapers and television stations. As the Consul General emphasised, this first Open Day represents a starting point for an increasingly lively cultural integration between realities that, although separated by a border, have a strong historical identity and important economic connections in the Insubria territory.

The Rector’s delegate for Internationalisation, Prof. Zamperetti, for his part, in an interview with Corriere del Ticino, highlighted how Insubria and the University of Italian Switzerland are close but not rivals, so much so that they collaborate together on various projects including a double degree in mathematics. «More than more students, we want quality students and above all we want to open ourselves up to the world. We have seen that having good international students improves the general level of classes; we are therefore making a big investment in opening Insubria to other countries: and the first of these countries is the one 5 km from our home».