Journalism and media

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Corso di First cycle degree in Communication Sciences
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Academic year in which the course will be held: 
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Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class
Second semester
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Lesson (48 hours)


Final Examination: 

Examination will carry out in oral form about subjects of the course. The depth of capacity to understand a subject, of linking many aspects of the questions, of reasoning starting from a real case will evaluate. Students not attending lessons must build their preparation on the planned book.

Voto Finale

Knowledge of Journalism in every day and historical experience is our goal. The student will learn how to handle a “news”, in its moulds, styles and through various media. The student, at the end, should be ideally comfortable in a newsroom, working with examples form every day practice of journalistic job. The difference between a “news” and a “fake news”, the right way for writing a text and how to read a voice-over a script, with a huge attention to a different sizes for the same “news” referring a different single “media” and to elocution, how to manage a video-clip, for shooting and editing, how a presenter has to stay in video, from a stand up to host a program, and, also, how is a commentator-job, above all for live sport.

Every lesson starts from daily news, with a press review of the main Italian and world newspapers, in order to analyze and to understand, in an interactive way, what is a “news”. Later we face the media that have marked out and actually mark out our society, with a particular attention to a radio history nad, above all, tv history.
From Marconi’s wireless telegraph to the web radio, from Rca to pirate and free radio, the heavyweight Rock’n roll in radio’ s survive when tv is raising.
The first tv with the differences between American world and European world, contents of Italian Rai at the beginning in the “Fifties” of XX century.
The Usa’s Tv news , the anchorman and Italian “cinegiornale”
Pctures’s rules, grammar and syntax, tv shooting, editing and secrets of a clip
Neotelevision with private and free to air tv in Italy in the “Seventies” during XX century, talk show and “infotainment”
“Tv verità” (rai3 80’-90) and reality show, differences and fiction
A tv news-clip, how to build up
Retoric figures and elocution, something to forget and something to do not forget
Media events and commentating, above all for live sport, with many mistakes to avoid

I linguaggi della radio e della televisione. Teorie, tecniche, formati. Di Enrico Menduni. Laterza
Additional materials may be suggested during lessons.

48 hours of frontal classes divided in 12 days with the teacher. Every lesson will have dicsussions-time, opportunities for dialogues like in a newsroom. Videos and footages will show to the students as well other teaching material like newspapers, magazines, clips

Teacher will receive students every Wednesday from march to juneat the end of his lessons or by appointment. Contact , also for further informations.