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Corso di First cycle degree in Physiotherapy
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Basic compulsory subjects
First Semester
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Lesson (18 hours)

There are no requirements

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Student should acquire theoretical knowledge and behaviour principles pertinent to them for emergency operation, according to international medical and surgical guidelines, purposed to know and know how to do, to assure life support and restoration in- and out of hospital emergency, again to know how to manage mechanical ventilation and non invasive ventilation in Intensive Care Unit.

Emergency epidemiology
General and special contrast emergency
Patient observation and vital function monitoring
Critical ill evaluation
Allergy to drugs and materials (contrast means and latex free journey)
Epidemiology of unexpected death
Clinical, biological and cerebral death
Guidelines and evidence based medicine
Classification of therapeutic interventions
Acute respiratory failure – physiopathology
Shock - physiopathology
Different causes of shock and therapeutic notes
Adult and paediatric Basic Life Support
Chain of survival
Identification of critical situation and treatment protocols for medical and surgical emergency
Call to 118 emergency system / intra-hospital alarm
Airways obstruction and how to relieve
Lateral positioning
Providing rescue breathing
Chest compressions
Defibrillation, cardioversion, external pacing
Algorithms for advanced life support in cardiac arrest and multiple trauma
Drugs for advanced life support
Vacuum for airway secretions (oral and tracheal)
Mechanical ventilation in emergency and oxygen-therapy
Semi-automated external defibrillators
General principles of anaesthesiology
Monitoring critical ill
Controlled and assisted mechanical ventilation
Non invasive ventilation
Role of physiotherapy in Intensive Care Unit

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