Degree course: 
Corso di First cycle degree in ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT
Academyc year when starting the degree: 
Academyc year when helding the course: 
Course type: 
Basic compulsory subjects
Second semester
Standard lectures hours: 
Detail of lecture’s hours: 
Lesson (60 hours), Exercise (16 hours)

Although no special prerequisites are required, a previous, good knowledge of the sources of the Italian and European law is strongly recommended. Both can be acquired by attending the public law course or by taking the public law exam.

Final Examination: 
Voto Finale

The course deals with the principles and rules of Italian private law, with special reference to those closely related to the subjects studied in the Department of Economics.
The aim of the course is to provide Students with a good knowledge of the principles and basic rules of Italian private law; at the end of the course, Students should be able to identify and solve simple issues in the field of private law, by consulting statutes and the Italian civil code.

The course deals with the following subjects, (taken from the reference book's table of contents):

- Rights
The concept of "right" and other legal concepts - Legal acts and legal facts, effectiveness of legal acts- Goods and things - Circulation of rights and obligations

- Persons
Natural and legal persons - Natural persons – Organizations)

- The right of ownership and property interests
The right of ownership in the Italian legal system - The right of ownership: actions, acquisition and protection - Property interests - Property interests and obligations - Public records - Possession.

- The law of obligations
The concept of obligation - Performance of obligation, termination of obligations other than performance – Modification of obligations by obligee, assignment of debt - Effects of non-performance: default by the obligor – Security, means of guaranteeing credit

- The law of contract
The concept of contract – Contract formation, form of the contract - Agency - The elements of the contract - The law of contract - The legal effects and the binding force of contract – Effectiveness of the contract, freedom of contract and content of the contract – Void and voidable contract - Termination of contract and other remedies

- Sale

Lectures in Italian (60 hours); tutorials.

The examination consists of a written test and a following oral examination at the end of the course, according to the examination sessions calendar.

Students taking the written test are required to show an adequate knowledge of the principles and the basic rules of Italian private law, also by using and consulting properly the Italian civil code.

The written test consists in a multiple choice test of 15 questions, to be completed within 30 minutes by consulting the Italian civil code; the minimum mark for passing the written test and taking the oral examination is 12/15.

By taking the oral examination Students are required to show a more in-depth knowledge in the field of private law; the minimum mark for passing the examination is 18/30. Grading system is on thirtieth scale.

Libro di testo adottato: Vicenzo Roppo, Diritto privato, linee essenziali, Giappichelli, Torino, ultima edizione, relativamente alle sezioni, ai capitoli e ai paragrafi indicati nella sezione “Contenuti del corso” e tratti dall'indice del libro di testo.

È indispensabile la consultazione di un codice civile aggiornato e dei testi normativi rilevanti in base al programma d’esame.

Durante le esercitazioni: distribuzione di materiale didattico, modelli di test, casi oggetto di studio.