Medieval history

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Lesson (35 hours)

A knowledge of european history and of italian literature at high school level.

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The final exam is only oral, consisting in 3 questions for the 9 cfu and 2 questions for the 6 cfu exam. The valuation concentrates on what the student shows, the capability of critically employ such knowledge, the clarity of the exposition and the masteting of the technical language.

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The course aims at providing the students with a global albeit not superficial knowledge of italian and western european medieval history, thus enabling them to better understand cultural and artistic phenomena of touristic relevance. Students intending to sustain the 6 cfu exam have to study only points 3 to 9 as indicated in Contents.

1 From the Ancient world to medieval Europe. 2 Italy between Longobards and Byzantines. 3 The Carolingian rebuilding. 4 Western Europe as a cultural and religious unity. 5 The feudal age. 6 Italian city states. 7 The Kingdom of Southern Italy and other National monarchies. 8 Culture in the Low Middle Ages and the università. 9 Towards the modern world.

M. Ascheri, "Medioevo del potere", il Mulino, last Printing available

Front lessons eventually with visual supports and hopefully with the active involvement of the students.

The teacher is available at reception and at the official e-mail address.

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