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Corso di Long single cycle degree (6 years) in Medicine and Surgery
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Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class
First Semester
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Lesson (16 hours)

Knowledge of anatomy of the musculoskeletal system, human physiology, pathophysiology and general pathology.

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During the course the student will acquire knowledge and skills in the field of musculoskeletal pathology and related treatment principles. In particular, he will acquire knowledge that will allow him to understand the diagnostic, differential diagnostic and treatment principles of the main orthopedic pathologies. The student will also be asked to acquire, in relation to the topics covered, appropriateness of language, learning and communication skills as necessary tools for understanding and transmitting the competences object of the course. These skills will allow the student to discern and then practically apply the principles of clinical practice and the indications for conservative and / or surgical treatment of the main pathologies of congenital, evolutionary, inflammatory, degenerative and neoplastic origin locomotor apparatus.

Main congenital, developmental, neoplastic, inflammatory and degenerative pathologies are described. Also, physical and instrumental assessments are proposed to diagnose them as well as relative principles of treatment and prognosis.

Manuale di ortopedia e traumatologia, di Grassi, Pazzaglia, Pilato, Zatti ed Elsevier.
Complimentary slides/notes will be distributed during lessons

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