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Corso di Long single cycle degree (6 years) in Medicine and Surgery
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Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class
First Semester
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Lesson (8 hours)


Giudizio Finale

Medical Deontology and Clinical Ethics Prof. Mario Picozzi

At the end of the course the student will be able:
1. to know and understand the legal, deontological and ethical aspects of the profession, and apply them to clinical practice.
The student will also acquire autonomous judgement and the terminology for communication in this field.

Medical History Prof.ssa Ilaria Gorini
The purpose of course is to encourage students to a critical reading of the cultural and historical medicine.
This purpose will be achieved by providing food for thought on some fundamental issues for several specialized areas of medicine.

Medical Deontology and Clinical Ethics

The frontal lessons are focused on the following topics:
1. Definition of medical deontology, medical ethics and law (1h, educational objective 1)
2. The ethics consultation in hospital (1h, educational objective 1)
3. Methods in clinical ethics (2h, educational objective 1)
4. The end of life (3h, educational objective 1)
Legal, deontological and ethical profiles. The difference between killing and letting die, active/passive euthanasia, proportionality of care, quality of life, over-treatment, palliative sedation, advance treatments directives, difference between withholding and withdrawing treatments and medical futility (when to suspend a futile treatment)
5. The genetics and different types of genetic tests, incidental findings and genetic consultation (2h, educational objective 1)
6. The organ transplants from living and corpse donor (with discussion about brain death criteria) (2h, educational objective 1)
7. The integrity in scientific research and ethics in experimentation (falsification, plagiarism, “scientific misconduct”) (1h, educational objective 1)
8. Legal, deontological and ethical issues of information and consent of medical treatments (1h, educational objective 1)
Communicating the truth to the patient, the concepts of confidentiality and professional secrecy.
9. The beginning of life (2h, educational objective 1)
Medically assisted procreation, abortion and stem cells.
10. The aim and purpose of medicine (1h, educational objective 1)
11. Discussion of clinical cases (educational objective 1)

Medical History
The frontal lessons are focused on the following topics:
- Definition of medicine. From medicine instinctive regular medicine.
- The basics of medicine in the classical world. The body of knowledge Hippocratic-galenical.
- Medication transmission.
- The European Medieval medicine and Universities. The medieval cookbooks.
- Large health problems from the Middle Ages to 'Modern Age. The protagonists of the cure. Places of medicine and places of science.
- The renewal in Modern science. The chapters progress of the knowledge of the human body. New knowledge of anatomy and physiology. The surgeons of the sixteenth century. The sides interpretations of doctrines iatrochemistry and iatromechanics. The optical zoom. Towards the demolition of the doctrine of spontaneous generation. The vaccination.
- The large medical systems to a new understanding of the disease. The mechanisms of social awareness and environmental factors in health and disease. The organ pathology. The victorious statements of basic sciences. The theory phone and cellular pathology.
- The scientific dimension of the nineteenth century. The clinic, hospitals and places of care. Knowledge of semeiotics. The theory phone and cellular pathology. The scene surgery. Medicine and surgery of war. The neutrality of the wounded. The experimental medicine. The identification of infectious agents. The talks between the clinic and laboratory.
- The mental illness. From structures for med men to the mental hospital.

Medical Deontology and Clinical Ethics
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Medical History

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