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Corso di Second cycle degree in Physics
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Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class
Second semester
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Lesson (48 hours)

Basics of electromagnetism, physics of matter and nuclear physics.

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The course aims to provide students with a theoretical and practical knowledge on the problems of dosimetric and radioprotection nature that most frequently meet in the detention and the use of ionizing radiation sources for medical practices. For this reason, the course can be considered preparatory to subsequent specialized studies or to the achievement of professional post-graduate claims in this specific sector (enrollment in the nominative list of radiation protection qualified experts).

Starting from a brief outline on some introductory subjects, regarding the interaction with matter and the biological effects of ionizing radiations, basic topics are discussed, such as the measurements procedures and the individual and environmental monitoring, from both a theoretical and an experimental point of view. These concepts are developed through references to the specific medical context, highlighting the aspects aimed at the protection of the workers, population and patients’ health, with regards to individual exposure limits and quality assurance. Alongside, operational procedures of practical interest (decontamination actions, radioactive waste management, safety rules, etc.) are also examined. Notes regarding international guidelines and the Italian legislation, concerning radiation protection, are finally presented.
The module includes lectures, with examples and exercises aimed to a better understanding of the discussed topics, and seminars on specific themes. At the beginning of the course, a copy of the teaching material (slides, scientific papers, etc.) will be delivered to the students.

The consultation of the following texts, provided by the lecturer, can be useful:
The consultation of the following texts, provided by the professor, may be useful:
• J.E.Coggle: Effetti biologici delle radiazioni ionizzanti, Masson,
• U.Amaldi: Fisica delle radiazioni, Boringhieri
• P.Galle, R.Masse: Radionuclide metabolism and toxicity, Minerva Medica,
• A.Ostinelli: Dosimetria e protezionistica fisica nelle attività sanitarie, Ed. NEW PRESS, Como,
• C.Polvani – Elementi di radioprotezione, ENEA,
• Regione Lombardia: La radioprotezione in campo sanitario in Lombardia – Milano.
A final oral exam will test the mastery attained by the students on the topics covered by the course and their ability to properly apply their knowledge in a real context.