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Corso di First cycle degree in Nursing
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Basic compulsory subjects
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Varese - Università degli Studi dell'Insubria
Second semester
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Lesson (30 hours)

Please refer to the text of the whole Integrated Course

Please refer to the text of the whole Integrated Course

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Please refer to the text of the whole Integrated Course

Students will learn the basic notions of cellular and molecular pathology, and the pathologic processes at the basis of multicellular degeneration, inflammation and tumor development. topics of the immune responses: innate and adaptive immunity. Cells of the adaptive and innate immune response. Antibodies: properties, structure and function of the different subclasses. Production of monoclonal antibodies and their applications. Innate immunity: innate receptors; NK cells, the complement system: the different routes and their functions. The MHC complex: structure, and its function in the recognition, processing and presentation of antigens: antigen presenting cells. Effector mechanisms of adaptive immune response. Special emphasis will be given to acute and chronic inflammation and to related diseases, to the pathogenesis of AIDS and to the neoplastic process

General notions of Pathology:
Etiology (extrinsic causes, mechanisms of action of chemical and physical agents; intrinsic causes, genetic diseases)
Pathogenesis, Morphological and functional modifications
Cellular modifications (causes of cellular damage, necrosis, apoptosis)
Cell growth and differentiation (atrophy, hypertrophy, hypoplasia, hyperplasia, metaplasia)
Inflammation (acute inflammation: vascular and cellular modifications, chemotactic mediators, regeneration and repair of the lesion; chronic inflammation: histology, cellular infiltration, tubercular granuloma)
Inflammation-related diseases: Allergy (type I, II, III, IV), organ specific and systemic autoimmune diseases.
Innate and Adaptive Immunity: lymphoid organs, cells and mediators of the humoral and cellular responses, Major Histocompatibility Complex: polymorphism, function and role in the rejection of transplanted organs. Examples of congenic immunodeficiencies.
Pathogenesis of AIDS
- HIV infection: receptors, co-receptors and cellular targets
- Immune dysfunctions in HIV infection
- Clinical course of HIV infection
Oncology: control of cellular proliferation, anaplasia, tumors classifications; benign and malignant tumors; carcinogenesis: physical and chemical agents, oncogenic viruses; oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes; monoclonality of tumors; multistep carcinogenesis; the metastatic process

Lectures. Additional material will also be provided (educational videos using the JOVE platform and scientific manuscripts) to learn more about the different topics and guide the student in understanding the various immunological processes. The class attendance is mandatory

Office hours previous appointment by e-mail ( at Laboratories of General Pathology and Immunology “Giovanna Tosi”, Pad. Biffi, via O.rossi 9, Varese.