Degree course: 
Corso di Second cycle degree in ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES
Academic year when starting the degree: 
Academic year in which the course will be held: 
Course type: 
Supplementary compulsory subjects
First Semester
Standard lectures hours: 
Detail of lecture’s hours: 
Lesson (60 hours)

Basic knowledge of climatology and knowledge of geomorphology, litology and mapping are requested.

The final test will be an oral exam with at least one question for each of the 4 didactical units and in addition a discussion of the paperwork that the candidates should prepare to illustrate the activities during the laboratory and the field excursion

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The main aims of the course are the recognition, description and understanding of the quaternary deposits and their paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental meaning
Expected Results:
The student should be able to recognize and map the main quaternary deposit types.

The course will be composed by 4 main units:
1) The Quaternary: Chronology and main climatic events. Glaciations and interglacial intervals. Sea level oscillations.
2) The Holocene: and main climatic events. Glacial fluctuactions. Sea level oscillations;
3) Elements of sedimentology and stratigraphy of the loose deposits. Main sedimentary structures and methods of analyses.
4) Dating methods: Schmidt's hammer; soil indices; absolute dating (14C, U/Th;Cosmogenic, thermoluminescence etc)

Geologia del Quaternario
L'evoluzione geologica degli ambienti superficiali
Autore: Francesco Carraro
Dario Flaccovio Editore 408 pagine Prima Edizione febbraio 2012 ISBN 9788857901107
Quaternary Geology and the Environment
Jean Riser
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Publication Date: 2001 ISBN 13: 9781852333201

The course will be composed by 36 hours of lectures through the presentation of slides on the topics of the course. 8 hours of laboratories will allow to recognize some of the main sedimentary structures and practize with some analyses methods (I,e, grain size determination and classification)

The Professor will be available for any further questions by appointment, please send an email to mauro.guglielmin@uninsubria.it to fix it