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Corso di First cycle degree in Nursing
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Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class
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Busto - Ospedale di Busto
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Lesson (15 hours)
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The PHARMACOLOGY teaching course is structured in 8 lessons for a total of 15 hours concerning the following topics:
-Main drug delivery routes ;
- Pharmacokinetic elements (absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of drugs in healthy subjects and patients; setting of a correct dosage regimen);
- Pharmacodynamic elements (mechanism of action and variability of response to drugs);
-Pharmacology-toxicology topics (drug interaction, abuse, tolerance, addiction);
-Elements of pharmaceutical legislation;
- Preclinical and clinical experimentation for the discovery of new drugs

General and Clinical Pharmacology. Katzung B.G. XIV Ed McGraw Hill Higher Education
Pharmacology. Rang, Dale, Ritter, Flower, Henderson. Elsevier Ed.
resentations projected in class: downloadable from e-learning
Reported articles: downloadable from e-learning.

Frontal lessons.
Classroom activities include the projection of ppt files set with images and schemes. During the lesson, examples of drug use in clinical settingsand current events relating to the various topics will be presented and students will be invited to interact with questions and curiosities.

The teacher receives the students for further information and explanations by appointment on request at the email address


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