Degree course: 
Corso di First cycle degree in Nursing
Academic year when starting the degree: 
Academic year in which the course will be held: 
Course type: 
Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class
Second semester
Standard lectures hours: 
Detail of lecture’s hours: 
Lesson (15 hours)
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The front lessons will address the following topics:

Introduction to Laboratory Medicine. The collection and storage of biological samples: pre-analytical variability. Sensitivity and specificity.
Characteristics of the main circulating tumor markers, and the classification and clinical use of tumor markers.
Proteins in diagnostics and indicators of cardiovascular pathology.
Diagnostics in hematology: blood exam completed and anemias. Diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.
Liver function indices. Diagnostics of the exocrine pancreas.
Bone remodeling markers and kidney function diagnostics.

M. Cioffi - Manuale di Diagnostica di Laboratorio - Edizioni Minerva (2010).

The Clinical Pathology course consists of 15 hours of lectures (1 CFU). The lessons are supported by the use of slide shows and students are invited to ask questions and are in turn solicited on specific cases and issues.

The lecturer of Clinical Pathology is available for further information or clarification on topics discussed for individual students or groups of students. He will receive students, after making an appointment by e-mail (, at the Immunology and General Pathology Laboratory (1st floor), Biomedical Pole, former Colonia Agricola, via Monte Generoso 71 (int. 3), Varese.