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Corso di First cycle degree in Nursing
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Verification of learning will be carried out through 2 ongoing tests for each course, students who pass both tests will directly access the oral exam, while students who do not pass the tests will have to take a written test to be able to access the oral exam on the day of the exam.

Voto Finale

In this course, identified outcomes are to introduce
the student to nursing science and to the basic
principles of nursing care, considering the Caring
Model of the Human Processes (MAPU) and
International Classification of Nursing Practice
This course is divded in two differen moduli:
At the end of the course the studenti is able to:
1. Identify the most important issues of Nursing
2. Descibe the most rilevant issues of Italian nurses’
professionalization process comparing to Anglo-
Saxon countries’one.
3. Identify the need to deal with ethical issues
practising as a nurse.
4. Understand the philosophical approach that guide
the action of healthcare professionals and nursing
5. Carry out a first general assessment of the
person's state of health using the means and tools
of nursing science.
6. Place nursing assessment within the nursing care
process, starting from the identification of the status
of the human processes involved to develop a
nursing care plan
7. Begin to learn the clinical reasoning process to
identify nursing diagnoses expressed with the
International Classification of Nursing Practice
Metodologia Infermieristica proposte durante lo
svolgimento del corso consentirà l’accesso diretto
all’esame orale.
8. Identify the appropriate nursing outcomes and
interventions based on the characteristics of the
person, what was learned in this first year of the
course and using ICNP®

Notes on the evolution of nursing sciences.
Nursing theory in Italy and abroad.
The usefulness of adopting a scientific language in nursing: the ICNP
Some of the fundamental concepts for nursing: human-person, health and well-being, environment and safety, Caring and nursing.
The professionalization process of Italian nurses.
Ethics and deontology in the nursing profession: the values of the nursing profession and the code of ethics.
The theory of complexity and nursing.
The method and tools of nursing care.
The initial assessment within the nursing care process.
The tools for the initial assessment: observation aimed at nursing care, the structured and semi-structured interview and some communication techniques, the physical examination.
The evaluation of data, signs and symptoms that combine to identify a state of normality, risk of alteration or alteration of human processes that contribute to the health and well-being of individuals.
In particular, the evaluation of the groups of human processes that contribute to the survival, defense, energy renewal, relationship and development of the person.

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Lessons in synchronous teams and face-to-face lessons with the support of slides, viewing of videos and practical exercises, discussion of simple care cases.