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Corso di Second cycle degree in ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES
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Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class
First Semester
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Lesson (48 hours)

Students must have basic knowledge of general and inorganic chemistry, and organic chemistry in order to understand the chemical industrial processes, issues related and industrial chemistry evolution.

Final Examination: 

The evaluation of knowledge includes an oral test.

Necessary to pass the test are the correct use of the terminology and the capability to answer to the questions asked.

Voto Finale

the student will have to take awareness regarding the essential role of the chemistry evolution in order to both provide and develop those products which are asked for by the market, always being aware of the need of the human and environment respect

Industrial chemistry: definition;petrochemistry; high-tech industry; Agrochemicals and Textile chemistry: introduction

Propaedeutics introduction: industrial chemistry definition; revised of the main industrial organic reactions; notes about chemical processes and unit operations in chemical plants (reaction and separation processes); raw material, energy ( source, conversion and storage) and the major products industrial chemistry .
Petrochemistry: refining and petrochemicals technologies
Petrochemistry products: C-1 hydrocarbons (syngas and methanol production); C-2, C-3, C-4 olefins production: ethylene, propylene, butene, butadiene; Fischer Tropsch and hydroformylation process.
Polymer chemistry: plastics and polymerization techniques. The main plastics: their properties and recycle; Vinyl Chloride Monomer and VCP synthesis; production of: maleic anhydride, nylon, terephthalic acid and poli terephthalic acid (PTE).
Agrochemicals (herbicides, anti -bacterial, -micotic, -fungal agents): course of action and ecotoxicity. Notes about biological agriculture.
Green chemistry and and biocatalysts; synthetic methods in biotechnology

Textile chemistry: introduction

Powerpoint slides and additional material will be made available on the e-learning platform.

The course is organized in 40 hours of frontal lessons in Como. Attendance at the lectures is optional, but recommended, and the final exam will be the same for attending and non-attending students.

Office Hours: The teacher is available any day of the week by appointment arranged by e-mail or telephone (Como -CUBO - Via Valleggio, 4thFloor).