Degree course: 
Corso di Long single cycle degree (6 years) in School of Dentistry
Academic year when starting the degree: 
Academic year in which the course will be held: 
Seat of the course: 
Varese - Università degli Studi dell'Insubria
First Semester
Standard lectures hours: 

To fully understand the topics addressed in the present course, students should possess basic notions of cellular biology, genetics, human anatomy, physiology and pathology.

Final Examination: 

The exam consists in an exam aiming to define the knowledge and comprehension (20%), application skills of theory (25%), autonomous judgement (20%), communication skills (15%) and learning ability (20%). The mark is expressed in thirtieths.
Each discipline examination has to be passed, to get a positive result in the whole Integrated Course.

The exam consists in an oral exam that deals with issues related to the program

Voto Finale

At the end of the course, students should be able to:
• demonstrate familiarity with the major concepts and theoretical perspectives in ethics;
• recognize and critically analyze ethical and legal concerns in biology, medicine and public health;
• distinguish ethical questions from scientific and legal questions and from questions of personal preference, custom, or habit;
• develop and use critical thinking skills to analyze information and situations in order to respond and act ethically with regard to scientific research, practice, and technology;
• recognize that while there can usually be several answers or approaches to an ethical and legal questions, it is important to present a strong, well-reasoned argument for one’s position. And then to develop the ability to justify an ethical position;
• enhance respectful dialogue among individuals with diverse perspectives.

At the end of the course, students should have also the theoretical competences that will allow them to assess ethical and legal reasoning in complex situations and decision making in professional and research practice.



  • Credits: 4
    Place of teaching: Varese - Università degli Studi dell'Insubria
  • Credits: 1
    Place of teaching: Varese - Università degli Studi dell'Insubria