Degree course: 
Corso di Long single cycle degree (6 years) in MEDICINE AND SURGERY
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Academic year in which the course will be held: 
Course type: 
Basic compulsory subjects
Seat of the course: 
Varese - Università degli Studi dell'Insubria
First Semester
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Detail of lecture’s hours: 
Lesson (40 hours), Seminar (10 hours)

Attended a course of physics in high school

Final Examination: 

Written test which consists in six open questions ( 1 hour); questions will be concerning the teaching program in order to evaluate knowledge, ability to apply it and ability of communication.
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Knowledge of basic applied physics

To give basic information about physics and applications in medicine and biology

Mechanics, properties of fluids, thermal properties of matter, electricity and magnetism, properties of the waves, optics, ionizing and non ionizing radiation, imaging, radiotherapy, radioprotection,

Mathematics: logarithm, functions, derivative, integral, Fourier transform, Napier/Euler number.
Physical quantities and measurement units. Experimental errors. Accuracy and precision of measurements.
Reference systems and displacement. Average velocity and instantaneous velocity. Average acceleration and instantaneous acceleration gravity acceleration. One- dimensional motion. Uniformly accelerated linear motion..
Vectors and scalar quantities. Two - dimensional motion.
Forces and vector quantities. Forces addition. Laws of motion. Inertia and mass. Gravitational force, elastic force, contact force and friction force. The gravitational force and weight.
Motion in a circle. Centripetal acceleration centripetal force.
Newton ‘s law of gravitation..
Work and energy. Power. Kinetic energy. The work-energy theorem. Potential energy. The law of conservation of the mechanical energy. Conservation of energy.
Linear momentum. Conservation of linear momentum. Collisions. The centre of the mass.
Torque. Rotational work and kinetic energy. Rotation inertia. Angular momentum.
Static equilibrium. The center of gravity.
Mechanical properties of matter. Young modulus.
Characterization of materials. Density. Pressure in fluids. Pascal’s principle. Hydrostatic pressure. Barometric pressure Archimedes’s principle.
Flow of fluids. Bernoulli’s equation. Viscosity. Laminar flow. Turbulent flow. Stokes’s law.
Longitudinal and transversal waves Reflection, refraction and interference.
Sound and ultrasound. Sound intensity and decibels. Frequency and harmonics.
Fourier transform.
Numeric filters.
Thermometers and temperature scales. The ideal gas law. Gases and kinetic theory. The real gases. Diagram pressure –volume. Critical temperature of a gas. Vaporization an boiling. Humidity.
Heath. Thermal energy. Heat capacity. Vaporization and boiling. Heat of fusion and melting. Calorimeter. Thermal expansion. Transfer of heat.
State variables. Laws of thermodynamics. Specific heats of ideal gases. The cyclic transformations.. The entropy. The absolute temperature scale.
Forces between charges. Insulators and conductors. Conservation of the charge. Coulomb’s law. The electric field.
Electric potential energy. Potential difference. Equipotentials. Capacitors Dielectrics.
Electric current. Ohm’s law. Resistivity. Power and electric heating. Resistors. Alternating currents.
Magnetic field. The magnetic field of an electric current. Forces on moving charges.
Magnetic flux. Faraday’s law. Alternating currents.
Nuclear magnetic resonance.
The property of light. The speed of light. The reflection of light. The refraction of light: Snell’s law. Total internal reflection. Lenses. Ray diagrams for tin lenses. The tin-lens formula.
The atomic nucleus. Atomic number and mass number. Nuclear binding energy. Radioactivity. Exponential decay.
Ionizing radiation and interaction with matter.
Dosimetry of ionizing radiation.

Physics of ionizing radiation in diagnostic imaging and therapy

Physics of ultrasound in diagnostic imaging and therapy.
Radiography, Fluoroscopy, CT. MRI, sonography, doppler.
Quality indexes of radiological imaging.
Radioprotection of workers and patients.

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Frontal lesson (40 hours), seminars on specific topics on physics applied to medicine (10 hours)

Students reception: by appointment asked with e-mail