Degree course: 
Corso di First cycle degree in Dental Hygiene
Academic year when starting the degree: 
Academic year in which the course will be held: 
Course type: 
Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class
Seat of the course: 
Varese - Università degli Studi dell'Insubria
Standard lectures hours: 

attendance of professional laboratories for specific procedures such as the use of advanced technologies and advanced instrumentation.

Final Examination: 

evaluation in the field through check lists and evaluation sheets concerning work, collaboration and motivation for group work, first visit to oral hygiene and motivation and instructions for home oral hygiene, scaling of ablation, application of fluoride , periodontal card, root planing, groove sealing, orthodontic patients, pedodontic patients, patients with difficulty level PSR 2-3-4, patients with special needs, minimal advise antitabagico, dietary evaluation, geriatric patients, patients with dentinal hypersensitivity, patient implant, professional whitening therapy. In order to be considered suitable, the student must have achieved the objectives declared through the assessments with a positive outcome certified and collected during the internship.

Voto Finale

At the end of the third year the student must be able to:

1. demonstrate a progressive autonomy in the management of the oral hygiene treatment plan;
2. demonstrate a progressive autonomy in the instrumentation;
3. recognize the risk factors in patients in oral hygiene therapy;
4. know the assistance plans related to the different systemic pathologies with compromised oral cavity;
5. apply suitable pre and post surgical therapies (implantology, maxillofacial, oral surgery)
6. demonstrate a progressive autonomy in the realization of professional skills regarding the prevention of oral cancer;
7. demonstrate a progressive autonomy in the implementation of oral hygiene counseling;
8. know how to evaluate the effectiveness of the care provided;
9. identify the contextual situations that may constitute the object of interest of a research within the dental hygienist profession.


1. gain full autonomy for the profession of dental hygienist;
2. know how to program, according to the patient's needs, the intervals of recall of oral hygiene;
3. know the legal and administrative requirements concerning the profession as an employee or freelancer;
4. know how to prepare a correct and complete curriculum vitae.

1. observation of the activity in the clinics as a whole;
2. disinfection of the operating unit and sterilization of the instruments;
3. reception, preparation and discharge of the patient;
4. restoration of consumables;
5. patient appointment management;
6. Professional oral hygiene therapy in patients of developmental age and adults with PSR 0-1-2-3-4 and or risk of caries.
7. Professional oral hygiene therapy in patients with special needs.
8. Critical interpretation of scientific articles useful for choosing and applying appropriate oral hygiene therapies
9. Dietary evaluation
10. Smoking disposal consultancy.
11. Prevention in the community.
12. Professional whitening techniques for vital teeth.
13. Low-level laser therapy in professional oral hygiene


practical activity on the field