Strategies for the internationalization of companies

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Supplementary compulsory subjects
First Semester
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Lesson (50 hours)


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The exam consists of a written test and an optional oral exam. The written test is composed of a first part multiple choices and a second part composed of two open-ended questions.
In case of online exams the methods is the same but using the software Teams.

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The course deals with international strategies that firms can activate to enter in new markets abroad. Following a mixed method (theory and practice) the students are asked to explore the most appropriate ways to analyse international markets in order to elaborate the right international strategy.

The expected learning outcomes include:
- Knowledge and understanding: the ability to make proper use of the terminology and concepts learned during the course;
- Applying knowledge and understanding: the ability to apply theoretical concepts acquired during the course to the various sectors through the analysis of case studies and lectures of managers.
- Communication skills: ability to interact during lectures and project works in order to develop problem solving skills and discuss the results achieved.

Main subjects will be:
- the concept of strategy
- marketing strategy and planning
- Market environment analysis
- globalization and internationalization
- International strategies
- the evaluation of international markets
- strategic planning for internationalization
- the export strategy
In the last part of the course, the students have the opportunity to apply the theory to practice by means of two workshops.

VALDANI E., BERTOLI G., Marketing internazionale, Egea; Milano 2018.
ISBN 8823822688.

The indications on how to use the texts will be provided at the beginning of the course.

The slides of the lectures are part of the course program and will be available on the E-learning platform after the beginning of the course.


The course is in the first semester. Theoretical lectures, case studies, lectures of tourism managers on specific parts of the program.

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