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Corso di First cycle degree in Physiotherapy
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Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class
Second semester
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Lesson (12 hours)
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1. Basic concepts of public health: concept of health; historical data; current epidemiological background and classification of diseases; concept of risk; indicators, exposure-effect, determinants of health and illness; prevention
2. Methods in epidemiology: measures and studies in epidemiology; bias and confounding
3. Epidemiology and prevention of chronic diseases: risk factors; synergism and overlap of risk factors; risk assessment
4. Epidemiology and prevention of infectious diseases: risk factors; host-parasite relationships, source and reservoir of infection, portal of entry and exit, mode of transmission; disinfection and sterilization; Prevention of healthcare-associated infections; healthcare waste management
5. Environmental public health and food safety: physical and chemical pollutants and environmental compartments; food contamination with biological factors
6. Quality and risk management: brief overview of healthcare management; errors in healthcare practice; evidence-based practice; bibliographic databases

Igiene per le professioni sanitarie. Ricciardi G, Ed. Idelson-Gnocchi, 2014
Lesson slides and supplementary materials, uploaded on the e-learning webpage

Lessons with exercise on how to use on-line scientific bibliographic databases (PubMed)

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