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Corso di First cycle degree in Biomedical Laboratory techniques
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Basic compulsory subjects
First Semester
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Lesson (12 hours)

It is necessary to have acquired in-depth knowledge of the contents of the Human Anatomy and Biochemistry courses

The achievement of the objectives of the Pharmacology course will be assessed by an oral examination of about 15 minutes concerning the contents of the module. In formulating the judgment, the teacher takes into account, in addition to the accuracy and completeness of the answer, also of:
- clarity of exposition,
- properties of the terminology used,
- ability to connect and elaborate the knowledge acquired.

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See Educational objectives of the Integrated Course

Principles and phases of the preclinical and clinical trial of drugs. in particular, topics relating to the preparation of preclinical (technical objectives, models of trials) and clinical (principles and phases of clinical trials, objectives of clinical trials, phases of clinical trials, examples of clinical trials) will be dealt with.
Notes on the role of ethics committees in clinical trials. Experimental determination of the bioequivalence of drugs. Adverse reaction concept.
Outlines of toxicology: classification of toxic substances, mechanism of action of the main classes of toxic substances, antidotes.

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Frontal lessons, supported by the use of powerpoint slide show.

Prof. Ferrari receives the students every day by appointment fixed by e-mail address:


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