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Corso di First cycle degree in Nursing
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Basic compulsory subjects
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Como - Università degli Studi dell'Insubria
First Semester
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Lesson (15 hours)

Oral examination

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The course objective is learning to read “other” cultures, looking for the sense of existence, life and disease in the context in which phenomena occur. The goal is to “decentralize” our gaze, re-discovering ourselves in the other’s gaze.

Lessons will be focused on the following topics:
1. Definition and origin of anthropology; the culture concept
2. The body: language, communication, place and nonplace (M. Augè, Nonluoghi, Elèuthera, Manocalzati 2018)
3. Funeral rites; the mortal and the immortality (P. Ariès, Storia della morte in Occidente, BUR Saggi, Trebaseleghe 2017)
4. Rites, Magic and (E. Baldini, G. Bellosi, Tenebroso Natale. Il lato oscuro della grande festa, Laterza, Bari 2015)
5. Religions
6. Obedience to authority; the nature of power. In particular, the focus will be the Milgram experiment and the Zimbardo experiment (A. Jacquard, Petit philosophie à l’usage des non-philosophes, Brodard & Taupin, Paris 2009)
7. Relationship: Family and Marriage
(. Identity: gender and bodily modifications
Topics under discussion are aimed at helping students to understand that, even if peoples are different, there are some “universals” which are a confirmation of the humankind unitary.

U. Fabietti, Elementi di Antropologia Culturale, Mondadori Università, Milano 2015 or C.R. Ember, M. Ember, Antropologia culturale, Il Mulino, Bologna, 2005.
M. Borgo, Alla ricerca dell’immortalità perduta. Il trapianto d’organi tra scambio e dono, Mimesis, Fano 2018

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