Degree course: 
Corso di First cycle degree in CHIMICA E CHIMICA INDUSTRIALE
Academic year when starting the degree: 
Academic year in which the course will be held: 
Course type: 
Basic compulsory subjects
First Semester
Standard lectures hours: 
Detail of lecture’s hours: 
Lesson (48 hours)

The achievement of the Physics 1 exam is a prerequisite. Basic knowledge of trigonometry and mathematical analysis are also required: functions, derivatives, integrals and use of vectors.

Final Examination: 

The exam consists of a written test and an oral interview.
The paper aims to verify the student's ability to solve electromagnetism problems in the form of tests, and the achievement of a score greater than or equal to 16/30 is a necessary condition for admission to the oral test. 10 multiple choice questions are assigned in 90 minutes. Each question is worth 3 points and there are no penalties for incorrect answers.
The oral test consists of 2 or 3 questions aimed at verifying the ability to insert the various electrical and magnetic phenomena in the more general context provided by Maxwell's equations. The mathematical demonstration of some formulas will also be requested, therefore students will have to demonstrate mastery of the mathematical tools acquired during the course such as the definitions of flow and circuitry and of the differential operators connected to them. In determining the final mark, the oral test has a greater weight than the written one.

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The main objective of the teaching is to provide students with a knowledge of the fundamentals of electromagnetism.

At the end of the course, the student will be able to:
1. Frame the electrical and magnetic phenomena within Maxwell's equations
2. Knowing how to move easily from the integral form to the differential form of Maxwell's equations
3. Recognize similarities and differences between electrical and magnetic phenomena
4. Know the electrical and magnetic properties of materials
5. Knowing how to analyze simple electrical circuits with direct current and alternating current

1. Electrostatic force and electrostatic field (4 hours)
2. Electrical work and electrostatic potential (4 hours)
3. Gauss's law (4 hours)
4. Capacitors, electrostatic energy, dielectrics, polarization (4 hours)
5. Electricity (4 hours)
6. Magnetic field and magnetic force (4 hours)
7. Sources of the magnetic field, Ampère's law, magnetic properties of matter (4 hours)
8. Time-varying electric and magnetic fields (4 hours)
9. Electrical oscillations and alternating currents (4 hours)
10. Electromagnetic waves (4 hours)

- Notes of the lessons made available by the teacher on the e-learning platform.
- Recommended reference text:
P. Mazzoldi, M. Nigro, C. Voices, "Elements of physics - Electromagnetism and waves", EdiSES

40 hours of content description and 8 hours dedicated to exercises, 4 at the end of the first part of the course and 4 at the end of the second.
Exercises are also held by the teacher.
Each week the teacher assigns a structured test such as the exam to be carried out through the free Exams Manager application of Edises.
The results of these tests are anonymous.
The teacher uses an electronic whiteboard.

The teacher receives in his office (on the fourth floor of via Valleggio 11) by appointment