Analytical chemistry

Degree course: 
Corso di First cycle degree in CHEMICAL AND INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY
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Academic year in which the course will be held: 
First Semester
Standard lectures hours: 

Knowledge of general and organic chemistry; basics of math and physics. Fundamentals of General Chemistry and Complements of General Chemistry are prerequisites for this exam.

Analytical Chemistry: fundamentals
The exam may be taken in two different modalities: in itinere tests (for second year students only) and regular exam.
In itinere tests. For second year students only, it is intended to stimulate the students in taking the course and facilitate the passing of the exam by splitting the module topics into two. Two tests will be delivered (mid November and mid January) comprising 20 multiple choice questions each (test time 40 minutes). The first test features questions about the analytical protocol, gravimetric and volumetric methods and potentiometry. The second test concerns instrumental analysis: spectroscopic methods, IR and UV-vis spectroscopy, High Performance Liquid Chromatography and quality in analytical chemistry. If the student passes both tests, no oral examination is mandatory.
Regular exam. For any student. The exam features 30 multiple choice questions (45 minute time) and a mandatory oral examination (around 30 minutes). The exam program includes all the topics delivered during the module.

Analytical Chemistry: laboratory
At the end of any lab practice, students will produce a small document including the results obtained. At the end of the Lab course, the documents will be evaluated and the note will account for the 1/3 of the global note. The other 2/3 of the global note will come from a test in which the student will resolve statistics and stoichiometric calculations and theoretical questions concerning the lab practices.

The final mark of the Analytical Chemistry exam will be calculated as the average of the marks of the two modules weighted by the credits of each module, 7 CFU for Analytical Chemistry: Fundamentals and 5 CFU for Analytical Chemistry: Laboratory.

Voto Finale

The course will provide the theoretical background and the practical information related to analytical chemistry.

The student will be able to:
1. understand the analytical process, from the formulation of the analytical problem to the expression of the results;
2. solve complex equilibria in solution;
3. know the volumetric and gravimetric methods;
4. discuss the principles, hardware and application of the instrumental techniques presented during the course;
5. understnd the concept of quality in analytical chemistry and how to measure it;
6. understand the figures of merit of analytical methods;
7. apply a simple method for the determination of an analyte (limited to the methodologies presented during the course);
8. solve uncomplicated analytical problems;
9. apply the main procedures of the analytical laboratory;
10. correctly opreate the apparatus in the analytical laboratory (glassware, balance, pHmeter, instrumentation);
11. comply with the safety rules of the chemical laboratory;
12. evaluate accuracy and precision of experimental data


Analytical Chemistry: fundamentals
The module features 56 hours of lecture (7 CFU). Multiple choice tests (individual activity) and real world analytical issues (group activities) will be proposed throughout the module (around 6 h). The latter aims at stimulating the ability to apply the acquired knowledge and developing the expected skills. Numerical problems will also be presented and discussed for each topic to consolidate and learn to apply the acquired knowledge and for self-evaluation purposes.

Analytical Chemistry: laboratory
The module will be held in two portions: the lecture portion (20 hours) and the laboratory portion (40 hours), closely coordinated between them and with compulsory attendance.