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Corso di First cycle degree in COMPUTER SCIENCE
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Compulsory subjects, characteristic of the class
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Varese - Università degli Studi dell'Insubria
Second semester
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The course has no mandatory prerequisite, however for a successful attendance the student has to be able to manage the knowledge acquired in the courses "Computer programming ", "Computer architectures " and "Algorithms and data structures".

The final exam consists in the design and development of a software application on the basis of an assigned project, and in a discussion of the adopted design and implementation choices.

The aim of the project activity is to verify the student's ability to understand the proposed problems and, in light of the acquired knowledge, to design and implement the application satisfying the requirements.

The purpose of the discussion is to verify the validity of the proposed design and implementation choices and the ability to communicate and argue these choices.

The mark is expressed in thirtieths. The final exam is considered passed if the student has obtained a grade of not less than 18/30.

Voto Finale

This course aims at defining skills concerning the development of software applications. These abilities are acquired through the development of a project. The project, which is developed under the supervision of a tutor, requires students to apply the knowledge acquired from the courses "Computer programming", "Computer architectures " and "Algorithms and data structure".
The assigned project essentially requires the development of a software application starting from the analysis of a set of user requirements. Once completed the course, the student is expected be able to manage the implementation of the algorithms needed to efficiently solve complex problems using the appropriate data structures.

It is expected that students develop the above mentioned skills all throughout the course. In the course a project is presented and the main steps of its implementation are discussed.

There are no specific textbooks. Students can refer to the textbooks of the courses “Computer programming”, “Computer architecture” and “Algorithms and data structures”.
Additional documentation may be provided to students through the University's e-learning platform.

The presentation of the projects aims to introduce the requirements of the application that students will have to carry out. The presentation is achieved in an interactive way, simulating at least in part the interaction with the "stakeholder". The student is involved in the requirements elicitation process and applies his / her knowledge to identify and analyze the main and critical points of the requirements.

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