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Corso di First cycle degree in ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT
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Various educational activities
First Semester
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For the purpose of passing the test it is necessary to possess basic knowledge of Mathematics, which is normally acquired in upper secondary school education.

The 40-minute test contains 18 multiple choice questions. Each question is evaluated 1 point, if the answer is correct, 0 points if wrong. The test is passed if the student correctly answers at least 9 questions (50% of the total). The test can be taken in the first session (October 2019) and, if necessary repeated, in following sessions.
In the case that the test is not passed (i.e., the number of correct answers is less than 9), the student is assigned an Additional Educational Obligation (OFA). To fulfill the OFA, the student:
* has to repeat and pass the test in one of the following sessions
* can use one of the other modes indicated in the dedicated web page (, section “Valutazione”).

Voto Finale

The initial assessment verification test of the initial preparation is aimed to evaluated basic knowledge in Mathematics.
As known, the courses scheduled in the first year of the bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management (CLEM) do not require any particular prerequisite for attendance and contents’ acquisition. However, a good initial preparation in Mathematics and in using quantitative tools can facilitate a more active courses’ participation (mainly in Mathematics and Microeconomics), and a more effective development of the whole academic career as well.

The test contains questions on the following topics:
1. Algebraic calculus: polynomial decomposition, factoring polynomial, product between algebraic expressions;
2. Equations: first- and second-degree equations, fractional equations, solutions of the equations of degree higher than the second by polynomial decomposition;
3. Inequalities: first- and second-degree inequalities, fractional equations, solutions of the inequalities of degree higher than the second by polynomial decomposition;
4. Analytical geometry: Cartesian coordinates, line equation, parabola (with vertical axis), equilateral hyperbola with parallel axes to cartesian axes; circumference (with center in the origin). Intersection problems between curves in the Cartesian plane.


Handbook for individual preparation: G. Anichini - A. Carbone - P. Chiarelli - G. Conti, Precorso di matematica [ita], 2nd edition Pearson, Milan, 2018, EAN: 9788891904935.
Moreover, the students can download exercises available on the e-learning platform (Moodle) and on the web page dedicated to the test.


The University has scheduled, before the beginning of the semester, in September 2019, a pre-course of Mathematics, to review the topics covered by the test. More detailed information can be found at the following link:
No other lessons or exercises are planned.

For further details, please refer to the dedicated web page ( and, in particular, to the Instructions/Vademecum file, which can be downloaded at the same link.