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Corso di First cycle degree in Midwifery
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Basic compulsory subjects
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Lesson (20 hours)

GENERAL PHARMACOLOGY: the final examination for the General Pharmacology part is a test consisting of 27 sentences concerning the different lecture topics. The Student will have to state whether each of the 27 sentences is "true or false". For each answer, the Student will get a score of 1 if the answer is correct and 0 if it is wrong. In addition, the Student will have to develop a short theme on a subject discussed during the lessons which will be evaluated from -3 to +3. The final mark for the General Pharmacologyu module will consist in the sum of the marks obtained in the test and in the theme . To pass the examination the Student must obtain at least 18/30. The Student will be allowed to evaluate its elaboration by 1 week after the examination.

Voto Finale

Pharmacokinetic lineages (9 hours). The main routes of drug administration will be described, and the pharmacokinetic processes of absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of drugs in healthy subjects and in patients, during pregnancy and puerperium. Quantitative pharmacokinetic to set a correct dose, such as distribution volume, clearance, half-life, maintenance dose, loading dose. The concept of bioavailability and the equivalent drug will be addressed.
Pharmacodynamic lineages (8 hours): the main mechanisms underlying drug action will be described. It will also discuss the theoretical basis for the interpretation of drug action by imparting the concepts of agonist, antagonist, partial agonist. Dosage-response curves will be described to allow interpretation of efficacy and pharmacological potency. Drug-toxicology topics will be addressed to interpret toxic drug effects, drug interactions, abuse, tolerance, and dependence.
-Pharmaceutical legislation, experimentation (3 hours). The main laws in force in Italy and the European Union concerning the production, classification of medicines, prescription and pharmacovigilance will be described. Preclinical and clinical studies will also be described for the discovery of new drugs.

Farmacologia generale e clinica. Katzung B.G. Piccin Ed X edizione italiana sulla XIII edizione di lingua inglese
Farmacologia. Rang, Dale, Ritter, Flower, Henderson. Elsevier Ed. VIII edizione italiana

the course consists of 20 hours of frontal lessons with slides projection (prevalently written in Italian, but also in English). During classroom discussions, students are encouraged to interact with the lecturer with questions and curiosities. The lecturer will also present everyday cases and facts that can elucidate the application/importance of the subjects treated during the lessons. Students are required to attend the lessons as established by the teaching regulations of the course and sign the attendance sheet to accomplish the exam. Slides will be available on accessible computerized platforms provided by the University (eg e-learning) to each student.

GENERAL PHARMACOLOGY: links to web pages will be provided in lecture slides for further information. Student reception is obtainable on appointment via email.


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