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Corso di Long single cycle degree (6 years) in MEDICINE AND SURGERY
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Basic compulsory subjects
Second semester
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Lesson (30 hours), Exercise (6 hours)
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General Organization of the Nervous System.
The spinal cord; white matter and gray substance. Ascending and descending routes. The brainstem. Nuclei of encephalic nerves III-XII, own nuclei, lattice formation.
The cerebellum. Functional subdivisions. The cerebellar bark.
The dibrainphale: hypothalamus, thalamus, epithet.
The telencephal. General structure and lobe division. Base cores and inner capsule.
The telencephalic cortex; Brodmann's cortical areas; sensitive routes and driveways. The pathways of olfactory and taste sensitivity.
The meninges, the liquor and the ventricles.
Willis' polygon and brain circulation.
Organs of sense: the ear and the vestibular apparatus. Acoustic pathways, vestibular circuits. The eye and the optical pathways.
The nerve. Ganglia: definition, types
The cranial nerves: definition, constitution, seat, course, branching

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Lectures and practice with anatomical models. The slides of the lessons are uploaded to University e-learning space.

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