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Corso di First cycle degree in ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT
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Optional subjects
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Lesson (20 hours)

Basic issues of Planning and Control

The exam consists of a written test that includes exercises and theory questions related to the topics covered during the lessons. The entire didactic material indicated in the analytical programme is included in the exam program. It is not possible to take supplementary oral tests.

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The Management Control course aims to present and discuss the criteria and logic of design of the main tools used by companies to support the activity of planning and management control.
The program is therefore centered on the criteria that should guide the preparation of a managerial control system capable of producing useful information for management, and on how to use this information in management activities.
More specifically, the course deals with the tools that companies use to guide decision-making processes, to define objectives and allocate resources between alternative uses, as well as to evaluate the performance of organizational units and other management-relevant company dimensions (business areas, product/service lines, sales channels, geographical areas, etc.).

The budget as a tool for defining firm's objectives and coordinating organizational units
Organizational decentralization and financial responsibility
The design of financial reporting
Budgetary control: the analysis of deviations in effectiveness and efficiency
The measurement and the appraisal of the performances in integrated optical: the model of the Balanced Scorecard

The role of the Management Control system in support of business management activities
The budget to support the activity of defining business objectives: the construction of operating budgets
The budget to support the activity of definition of business objectives: the master budget
The construction of the master budget: analysis and discussion of a business case
The budget to support the activity of defining company objectives: financial budgets
Organizational decentralization and financial responsibility: the financial responsibility centers
The financial reporting to support the analysis of company performance: the income statement by result area
The financial reporting to support the activity of analysis of the business performances: the analysis of the deviations in strategic key
New trends in reporting system design: multidimensional reporting models and the Balanced Scorecard

The following are the reference course materials for exam preparation:
A. Arcari, "Programmazione e controllo," McGraw Hill, Milan, 2018 (also includes access to online materials specially prepared by the authors, including transparencies, exercises with solutions, self-assessment tests, and glossary of technical terms) chapters 10-11-12
Cases and readings posted in the e-learning section of the course