Degree course: 
Corso di Second cycle degree in BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES
Academic year when starting the degree: 
Academic year in which the course will be held: 
Standard lectures hours: 

To be admitted to the final exam, the students must have passed all the exams and participated in all the activities detailed in the Study Plan; in addition, they must have participated in a 9 to 12-month curricular traineeship (5 months for Double Degree students), as detailed elsewhere.

The final marks are determined by the weighted average of the marks obtained in each individual exam, normalized to 110, that can be increased by the Examining Committee by 0-10 points, considering the Academic Tutor’s evaluation of the candidate’s activity during the traineeship and during the preparatory work for the dissertation; possible study and/or research experience(s) abroad; the quality of the oral presentation; and the ability to adequately reply to questions from the Examining Committee.
More specifically, candidates will be evaluated according to:
- their knowledge and competence regarding the relevant topic and of the techniques used;
- their knowledge of the relevant scientific literature;
- the clarity of their presentation and their ability to sustain a scientific discussion; and
- the Academic Tutors' evaluation of the candidates' performance in the laboratory activities and of their ability to independently collect and elaborate the materials used to write the thesis;
- participation in international study/research exchange programs.
This last item does not apply to Double Degree students, since for them the whole degree course is based on an International program.

In case the final score exceeds 110/110 (full marks), the President of the Examining Committee may propose that first class honors be awarded, also considering the number of honors acquired by the students during their career. The proposal must be unanimously approved by the Examining Committee.

To obtain the Double Degree of Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences at the Università dell’Insubria and at the University of Applied Sciences of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, besides the final exam as detailed above, students will have to pass a second final exam at the Partner University, according to its regulation.
The thesis report and final exam will earn 40 ECTS for the Oncology and Neuroscience curricula, 30 ECTS for the Double-Degree program.

Voto Finale

The final exam verifies the fulfillment of the learning objectives of the Master’s Degree Course

The final exam to obtain the MSc degree title consists in the preparation and discussion of an original dissertation, written in English, on a relevant topic in the biomedical field, based on the activities performed by the student during the curricular traineeship, under the supervision of an Academic Tutor.


The dissertation will be presented and discussed, in English, in front of a Committee, according to the Teaching Regulations of the University of Insubria. Fifteen to twenty minutes will be allowed for the presentation, followed by 5-10 minutes of questions and discussion.

All the information regarding registration to the Degree sessions can be found at the following link: https://www.uninsubria.it/servizi/domanda-di-laurea